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Name Yosuga
Japanese Name 夜管
Personal Information
Sekirei No 44
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi unknown
Norito These are the arms of my pledge. Seize and bind the enemies of my Ashikabi.
Voice Actors
Japanese None
English None
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Yosuga is Sekirei #44 and first appeared in the 4th match of the Third Stage fighting against Sanada Nishi and three of his Sekirei (the "Lovelies" trio).[1] Later she uses her Norito in a last ditch attempt to overpower the other three Sekirei.[2] Yosuga survives their clash, but is later terminated by the MBI card her Ashikabi was carrying, which created a force field severing the connection between them for their failure to obtain a Jinki by the end of the match.[3]


Yosuga is a female Sekirei of average height, with long arms, slender legs, a narrow waist, and small breasts. She has long black hair, which reaches to about mid-back, with multiple strands protruding upwards and to her shoulders, as well as a prominent bang which almost reaches her left eye and falls across her forehead, and green eyes. She wears a striped red high collared crop top-like garment with her Sekirei number (44) across the chest in black (modified with small cutouts for her shoulders), somewhat baggy, striped cargo pants of the same colour, and black boots.


Yosuga appears to be tenacious, brave, and selfless, willingly taking on Kujika, Kuzuri, and Shijime by herself in order to help her Ashikabi's chances of being one of the winners of the final match of the Third Stage, or cashing in on Higa's offer by taking out other Ashikabi and Sekirei.[2] Her kiss with her Ashikabi appears to demonstrate that she cares for him a great deal, with that care not lessening with the odds against them.[2]

Abilities and Powers[]

Her abilities are left somewhat unclear, although based on her Norito, it would seem that she is a unarmed close combat type, similar to Musubi, Benitsubasa, or Ichiya, and her Norito additionally seems to make it clear that she predominantly fights with her upper body.

Norito: "These are the arms of my pledge. Seize and bind the enemies of my Ashikabi!"


Nothing is known about her past, minus the standard details that apply to all Sekirei due to their association with MBI. At some point she met and was winged by her Ashikabi.


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