Yashiro Itsuki
Yashiro Itsuki
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Yashiro Itsuki, the Ashikabi of #13 Amebane, appears first during the Fourth Match of the Third Stage.[1] She tried to claim the title of "Devil Ashikabi" from Yukari which ended in the termination of her Sekirei.[2]


She has long black hair and wears a black summer gown with striped thigh length stockings and a choker around her neck. On the left side of her chest she has a black stylized rose tattoo.


Yashiro can be easily angered shown when Yukari ignored her speech due to her sea sickness but she behaves totally submissive towards her Sekirei, letting him insult and misuse her as a simple tool to unleash his Norito, even looking forward to the act.[3][2]



Nothing is known about her past.


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