Yashima sekirei.png
Name Yashima
Japanese Name 八嶋
Personal Information
Sekirei No 84
Species Sekirei - Massive hammer
Gender Female Female
Height 158 cm/5'2"
Weight 42 kg/92lbs
Three Size B 85 / W 55 / H 86
Ashikabi Tanigawa Junichi
Norito The hammer of my pledge! Shatter the enemy of my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yōko Hikasa
English Lindsay Seidel
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Yashima, is a Sekirei who first appeared during the Second Stage of the Sekirei Plan, encountering Yukari and Shiina alongside her Ashikabi Junichi Tanigawa, which would ultimately end in her termination.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yashima has short, light brown hair that reaches her neck, and is woven throughout with blue ribbons, and grey eyes.[1] She wears a form-fitting white gown with blue and black accents, a black choker, blue headband, black stockings, black boots, and long black gloves.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

As is the case with most Sekirei, Yashima takes her fights seriously, and has a strong desire to serve and obey her Ashikabi.[1] However, her quiet and submissive nature goes beyond the norm, given how other Sekirei act despite also having these tendencies and desires, allowing Junichi to physically and verbally abuse and torment her with no resistance, despite her massive advantages over him in strength and speed.[1] Even while fading out of conciousness as she is terminated, Yashima's last words are an apology to her Ashikabi for losing to Shiina.[1] However, after Minato's party triumphs in the Plan's Final Stage and all Sekirei are reactivated and allowed to go out into the world freely, she appears to have grown more assertive and confident, perhaps aided by her memory loss[2], ignoring Junichi's attempts to reunite with her, and informing Homura that she has no intention to offer herself up "like a slave", while retaining her polite nature, thanking Homura for looking out for her.[3] She also appears to have not yet given up on love, informing Homura that she does intend to find another Ashikabi that she could be compatible with, or even give Junichi a second chance, should he reform and prove that he'll treat her better through his actions.[3]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Yashima is a weapons specialist, and fights using a hammer.[1] She possess enough strength to lift her massive hammer, swing it around, use it to block attacks, and generally fight at a rapid pace despite its weight, also displaying immense speed, and enhanced reflexes.[1] As with all other Sekirei, her Norito boosts her powers.[1] Her Norito's prayer is as follows: "The hammer of my pledge! Shatter the enemies of my Ashikabi!"[1] The technique she can use while her Norito is active is called "Gravity Hammer."[1]

Major Battles[edit | edit source]

Yashima vs. Shiina (lost)

History[edit | edit source]

Nothing about Yashima's past is known in detail, although it can be assumed that she was raised by MBI in much the same way as Tsukiumi, Musubi, and other, more prominent Sekirei were, received tuning and training, and was released by MBI to participate in the Sekirei Plan. At some point she met Junichi and was winged by him.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Yashima first appears during the Second Stage of the Sekirei Plan, clashing with Shiina as their Ashikabi watch.[1] Yashima is the aggressor, and Shiina mostly elects to evade her, leading the two to cease fighting for a moment.[1] Yukari taunts Junichi and Yashima, telling them to give up, with Junichi retorting that she just wants the fight to end now that she's seen Yashima's power, which Yukari denies.[1] The two insult each other, with the former calling the latter a bitch, and the latter calling the former stupid-looking, Junichi's anger peaks, and seeing Yashima idling, smacks her in the face, and then kicks her in the ribs and back.[1] Shiina and Yukari are both disgusted by this, and both make it apparent, as Junichi grabs Yashima roughly by her collar, and both gropes and kisses her, activating her Norito.[1] Yashima recites her prayer, before charging Shiina and leaping into the air, all the while the two introduce themselves.[1] Shiina promises to end Yashima's suffering, and she uses her Gravity Hammer technique to attempt to crush him, but is swiftly held back by a well of Shiina's decaying energy, before he uses his Death Garden technique to send her flying, terminating her and ending their fight.[1] Yashima's last words are an apology to Junichi.[1] After Junichi kicks Yashima's body, Yukari retaliates against him.[4]

After Minato wins the Sekirei Plan, and the terminated Sekirei are returned to life, Yashima is released along with the other Sekirei who were terminated before the Fourth Stage of the Plan (who Kusano revived), free to bond with a new Ashikabi or seek out her old one.[3] Her old Ashikabi, Junichi, does in fact confront her as they pass each other in the street, begging her to come with him, when he goes to grab her, Homura appears, burning him, and threatening to do worse should he persist in harassing his former Sekirei.[3] This causes Junichi to falter, and Yashima, continuing to ignore him, walks way from him.[3] She briefly converses with Homura, remarking that she is grateful for the other Sekirei's help, and that she hopes to move forward by not rushing into things so that she'll be treated better, commenting that she hopes to "have that person also think about it", likely referring to Junichi.[3] Ignoring Junichi one more time as he calls for her, Yashima leaves.[3]

Anime and Manga Differences[edit | edit source]

In the Sekirei: Pure Engagement anime, Yashima's fight against Shiina is slightly extended, and the two are seen confronting one another when they cross each other's paths alongside their respective Ashikabi, as opposed to the manga, which introduces Yashima through her fight with Shiina, not the earlier confrontation. An additional scene is dedicated to Yashima and Junichi, with the two coming out of one of Izumi Higa's hospitals, Yashima having been looked after following a fight with another Sekirei, which she won, albeit barely. Junichi berates and abuses her for her weakness, leading to Minato, in the area while looking for a wandering Kusano, confronting him. However, Junichi shoves him away while telling him to mind his own business, and Yashima insists that she is fine, and that the matter isn't any of his concern, leading to the two leaving and Minato remaining silent.

References[edit | edit source]

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