Tanigawa Junichi
Junichi Tanigawa
Japanese Name

谷川 じゅんいち

Gender Male
Voice Actors
Seiyū Miyasaka Shunzō
English Newton Pittman
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The abusive Ashikabi of Sekirei #84 Yashima. He kicked and offended his Sekirei Yashima who was even so still obeying him. After his Sekirei was terminated he attacked Yukari with a knife but was blocked by Shiina and afterwards badly kicked by Yukari.[1] Yukari clearly stated that in her eyes he is only scum and MBI surely made a mistake making him an Ashikabi. In an Omake it is later revealed that he placed a bounty of 1.000.000 Yen on Yukari and Shiina's head after his defeat.[2]He is mentioned again during the 4th match of the 3rd round as Mutou and Himura Youichi discuss the rumors about Yukari.[3]


He is a middle sized young man in his mid twenties with brown hair. He is dressed in jeans and a green pullover.


Junichi is a thug by character. He treats his Sekirei as nothing else then a possession, hitting her and make her fight at will. He also doesn't hesitate to attack Yukari with a knife when the results of the fight doesn't go as well as expected. But he also seems to have some persuasive talent given that he was able to convince Narashino that he was offering the bounty out of love towards his Sekirei.[2]



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