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Musubi's Tama as seen by Karasuba

The Tama is a component of a Sekirei's body also referred to as the Sekirei Soul, Sekirei Core or Sekirei Spirit. Basically, it is the core/nucleus which enable Sekirei to live and use their powers[1], so in essence it is the life of a Sekirei itself, a Sekirei who loses its Tama ceases to function. The core is composed of a material that resonates with the Jinki, by using these, an individual could turn the cores off and on, and freely control all of the Sekirei[2].The Tama can be placed into a Sekirei apart from the individual that it starts out in, as done with the Tama of #08 Yume which she gave to #88 Musubi. A statement from Homura also indicates that the Tama can freely change bodies without a Sekirei having to die (as was the case with Yume), as he once thought about requesting another body from Sahashi Takami[3].


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