Name Shijime
Japanese Name しじめ
Personal Information
Sekirei No 106
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Sanada Nishi
Norito These are the sleeves of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
English Lindsay Seidel
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Shijime, Sekirei #106 a small very young looking Sekirei. First mentioned in the first battle, stage 3 of the Sekirei Plan by Kujika and Kuzuri as the third Sekirei in Sanada Nishi's party[1].


Shijime profile


Shijime has the appearance of a 12 year old girl, blond hair and her clothes are mostly held in white color. She wears a white sweater, far too big and with too long sleeves for her figure. Around her hips she has a white veil held by a black belt. A big white scarf and black knee length boots complement her appearance.


Shijime's personality matches her childlike appearance. Curious, easygoing and childish in her behavior.

Abilities and PowersEdit

She seems to use her over sized sleeves to fight, using her agility and speed.

Norito: Her Norito seems to be special because it is executed together with Sanadas two other Sekirei. Similar to the Thundertwins Norito (Hikari and Hibiki ).

Prayer: These are the sleeves of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi.[2]


Her and Benitsubasa seem to know each other due to their numbers being the closest to each other's.


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