Shigi Haruka
Haruka Shigi
Japanese Name

鷸 ハルカ

Age 20
Occupation rōnin college student
Height 166 cm
Weight 54 kg
Gender male
Birthday Aug / 9
Horoscope Leo
Voice Actors
Seiyū Nobuhiko Okamoto
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Shigi is a rōnin college student, 20 years old, and like Minato, wishes, to enroll in Shinto University. He is Kuno's Ashikabi and Husband. He desires to defend Kuno and decides to withdraw from the Game by leaving Tokyo before MBI soldiers capture them.[1] He seeks Minato and Seo Kaoru's help to escape Tokyo.[2][3] He then leaves despite being a bit injured with Kuno during an encounter with the Disciplinary Squad.[4] Shigi lives in the same apartment Minato was staying at before the landlord threw him out because of Musubi.


Shigi is an above average-height and slim young man with messy brown hair and green eyes, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. There are occasions when he wears a blue jacket over his white shirt.


Minato remarks Shigi Haruka as being his "soulmate" because of the similarities that they have; failed the entrance exam twice, at the same school, and trying for a third time at the same school Minato is. He does constantly compare his Sekirei to other Sekirei, as his is slightly on the weak side, which is why they fled.[1] But he does love her, as he flees with her and defends and protects her, even when he could easily be killed by what/whom he is protecting her from.



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