Seo Kaoru
Japanese Name

瀬尾 香

Age 25
Occupation Freelancer
Height 185 cm
Weight 65 kg
Gender Male
Birthday Dec / 25
Family Raimei. Raigou, Raizou, and Raiden (all sons)
Horoscope Capricorn
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kazuya Nakai (drama CD), Katsuyuki Konishi (anime)
English Ian Sinclair
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Seo Kaoru, is a twenty-five year old freelancer who at the same time is the Ashikabi of Hikari and Hibiki. His motto is "We solve your problem with a price". He is friends with Asama Takehito, who appears to be in hostel with him.[1] Seo also takes odd jobs and manual labor.[2][3] He is also an excellent cook, and taught it to Miya in the past.[4] He does show his detests of how the MBI works and of its C.E.O. (Minaka Hiroto).[5] While Seo is aware that Sahashi Minato is an Ashikabi, he makes no aggressive action against him and they usually just have friendly conversations with each other, saying "I liked you from the start for some reason."[6] He is able to tell the number of Sekirei a person has by his 'strong nose'.[3] He also mentions that he was the one who built the secret room were Matsu hides in for Asama Takehito.[3] Miya refers to him as trash calling him useless.[1] Even though Tsukiumi hardly escaped a forceful winging by Seo, she accepts him as one of Minato's friends.[7]


Seo Kaoru

Seo is a fairly tall and lean-built man with brown hair and a gruff, wild look on him. He is usually seen wearing a white undershirt with a pair of jeans.


Seo Kaoru is typically confident, laid-back individual who often shows signs of arrogance and tends to use violence when he loses his composure. He has a very perverse personality, he enjoys touching the breasts of his or other Ashikabi's Sekireis. He sometimes visits Miya in order to eat for free when he's low on money, leaving his Sekirei Hikari and Hibiki to apologize for him. Thanks to this, Miya apparently has a very low opinion of him, easily referring to him as 'trash' or 'scum' right in front of his face and threatens him when he annoys her.[1] Despite his rough exterior, Seo is a good and dependable person as shown when he supported Minato with his plan in order to help Shigi Haruka and Kuno escape from the capital or helping Kusano. He also refuses to drop out of the Sekirei Plan, even so he would be able to, to ensure that the Jinki not end up in the wrong hands.[8]

Abilities and Powers

Aside from his Ashikabi ability to provide a power up to his Sekirei, it has been said that he has an "ability" given to him by Asama Takehito.[9] This ability, called "Matsurou Ashikabi", is shown to be the cancellation of Sekirei's abilities, by grabbing a hold of them, as shown during his brief fight with Tsukiumi and the meeting with Sanada Nishi.



Seo was once the caretaker of Izumo Inn while Takehito was on duty at Kamikura Island.


  • He is the only Ashikabi shown to have had children with his Sekirei at the end of the series, as he has two sets of twin sons from Hibiki and Hikari each.


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