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This page contains the Sekirei Wiki's Content policy. It describes criteria and rules for all or specific types of content.

  • Policies set general rules for the wiki's administration and its content.
  • Any registered editor is free to edit this page to improve its readability as long as the essence of the article remains unchanged.
  • If you would like to suggest content changes or propose a new policy or guideline, please use the wiki discussion forum.
  • See the policies and guidelines page for an overview of this wiki's policies and guidelines.

Content criteria[]

  • All content should relate to the Sekirei manga series and its setting.
  • All content needs to be accurate. The Sekirei wiki aims to provide reliable information. In particular, adding speculation and own inventions (fan fiction) to articles should be avoided.
  • All content needs to be verifiable. Other editors need to be able to check and verify it.
  • All content needs to be informative. Information which is only of interest to the writer or to other editors (as opposed to readers) should not be included in articles.
  • All content needs to be objective. Opinions and "my favourite"-style passages should not be added to articles.
  • All content needs to relate to the manga as delivered by the author.
  • All content needs to abide by copyright regulations. Generally, content from other sites should not be copied unless permission has been granted.

Criteria for specific content[]


  • The Sekirei Wiki covers the manga. All other products like the anime or the game are based on its plot and setting. Since the anime can't be considered canon to the manga, all anime related content should only be included in the respective section of an article. For example in the section "Anime and Manga differences" and NOT elsewhere in the article. The only exception of this rule would be if an article covers an anime/game only character but then has to be marked as such.

Spoiler policy[]

  • In general, the whole wiki is considered a spoiler and specific spoilers should not be marked as such in articles.
  • The only exception to this rule is information relating to upcoming events, i.e. games, special chapters which have not been released yet in Japan but are to be released in the future. This information should be marked as a spoiler.

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