Sahashi Takami

Japanese Name

佐橋 高美

Personal Information
Occupation MBI's head researcher and person in charge of Sekirei plan.
Height 162 cm
Weight 50 kg
Status Alive
Gender Female Female
Family Sahashi Minato (son)
Sahashi Yukari (daughter)
Minaka Hiroto (former significant one)
Size B 89 / W 61 / H 92
Voice Actors
Seiyū Miki Itou (anime)
English Shelley Calene-Black
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Minato's and Yukari's mother and MBI's head researcher and person in charge of Sekirei Plan. She revealed that she lied that she worked at a pharmaceutical's company to Minato after the escape plan.[1] She and Minaka Hiroto were the ones who discovered the Sekirei spaceship.[2] She is the adjuster of Homura (together with Takehito), Musubi, Shiina and Kusano. Later in the manga it is revealed that her husband is Minaka which is why Takami never revealed the whereabouts of their father. This is possibly out of shame as she frequently expresses doubt and disgust at Minaka for what he is doing. She gave birth out of wedlock with Minaka due to her refusal to allow Minaka to be part of their family[3]. One of her responsibilities within the Sekirei Plan is to retrieve the bodies of terminated Sekirei.[4]


Takami is a slender women with grey hair (once black) and grey eyes. She has a long scar over her left eye, which she received from #43 Yomi while trying to protect Kusano. She is usually seen wearing trousers, a black top and a white lab coat.


Sahashi Takami is a very serious and intelligent person. Her personality is a lot like Yukari's and she is very confident and blunt in the way she speaks and in her actions. When she doesn't really want to talk about something, she will sometimes cover it up with a joke, distracting people away from the issue. Takami is very caring towards the Sekirei. She is often seen with Homura, constantly warning him of his body's changes and telling him to be careful, also sending him out to protect the unwinged Sekirei till fate leads them to their destined Ashikabis. When she's angry or making jokes she makes a demonic facial visage (a trait Yukari shares). This demonic visage can scare humans and Sekirei alike.



Takami with both her children Minato and Yukari.

1999, 21 years before the start of the series, Takami and Minaka discovered a huge ship on a deserted island which suddenly appeared in an area in the seas of Japan. The ship opens due to the fact that Minaka and Takami have the qualities to become an Ashikabi[2]. In this ship, they found the 108 Sekirei. They used the overtechnology found in the ship to form with MBI one of the most powerful corporations on earth. Takami kept it a secret that she is a leading figure in MBI. Towards her kids she just said she would work for a pharmaceutical company.

As part of MBI, Takami was one of the scientists who adjusted the young Sekirei, and is known to have been the adjuster of both Musubi and Kusano, and possibly other Sekirei as well. Takami was also the scientist who was with Kusano when Mikogami attempted to wing her before her release.



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