Sahashi Minato
Minato Profile.png
Japanese Name

佐橋 皆人

Age 19
Occupation Rōnin College Student (formerly)

College Student (as of Chapter 184)

New Director of the New Sekirei Project (as of Sekirei - 365 Days Without Her's epilogue)

Height 173 cm
Weight 59 kg
Gender Male Male
Birthday Sep / 15
Family Sahashi Yukari (Sister)
Minaka Hiroto (Father)
Sahashi Takami (Mother)
Horoscope Virgo
Voice Actors
Seiyū Shinnosuke Tachibana (drama CD, anime)
English Joel McDonald
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Sahashi Minato (佐橋 皆人) also known as the Ashikabi of the North (北の葦牙, Kita no Ashikabi), is the male protagonist of the story. He is a 19 year old average teenager who happens to be highly intelligent, yet due to his inability to resist pressure has failed his entrance exam twice, and as result has been branded an idiot and a loser. Minato's known family consists of his mother Sahashi Takami, his unknown grandmother, and his younger sister Yukari. Minaka Hiroto is heavily implied to be Minato's father[1]. It has been revealed by Higa, that Minato is indeed Minaka's son and that revelation was confirmed by Minato's Sekirei.[2]

As An Ashikabi

Minato became an Ashikabi after being swept up in a battle between Sekireis and is currently the most powerful Ashikabi in the North sector of the city. His sister is also an Ashikabi although Minato wasn't aware of this till the 4th match of the 3rd stage of the Sekirei Plan.[3] His mother happens to work in MBI and knows about the Sekirei Plan and is actually in charge of it.[4] His first Sekirei was Musubi who wished for him to be her Ashikabi for his kindness. He has since then winged five more Sekirei.

He became a target of MBI because he helped No. 95 Kuno and her Ashikabi Shigi Haruka escape the city to live peacefully. Higa wanted Minato to take down MBI which he refused and stated they're both stubborn (referencing both Minato and Yukari) and made him his enemy afterwards because of the rescue Chiho mission[5]. He gained with time some frightening false reputation within the Ashikabi community, picturing him as someone who takes advantage of big breasted Sekirei and won't even stop at male Sekirei or Sekirei kids.[6]


Minato's first appearence

During the entire story, Minato is an above average-height and slim young man with messy black hair, gray eyes, almost always wearing a white shirt and blue jeans. There are occasions when he wears a blue jacket over his white shirt but that happens only when he heads out together with his Sekirei. Minato also seems to have a likable appearance in the Sekirei universe as according to Homura, Minato has the facial expressions and gesture of a good person[7].


Minato is highly intelligent, capable of devising ways on how to make better use of Sekirei abilities and is able to execute strategies in order to beat the opponent in Sekirei battles.[8][9] Despite his capabilities, Minato is an insecure individual in the beginning who has a passive personality and often lacks the confidence to go against his own Sekirei when they decide on something. Examples are:

  • When he ordered Musubi and Tsukiumi to avoid the dangerous roaming veiled Sekirei (actually Uzume), he immediately received the opposite reaction and wasn't able to convince them to stay home instead of going after the mysterious Sekirei[10].
  • Another good example is Tsukiumi refusing Minato's request to participate in the escape plan to help Kuno and Shigi Haruka escape from the capital or Homura who decides that he should be the one to hold on Matsu's stolen Jinki for the time being without asking for Minato's permission[11].

Minato's mother seems to be the cause of his personality, as it's been stated several times that Minato never had the guts to go against his mother or his sister who has the complete opposite personality.[12] Minato also has a caring and emotional side to him. Unlike many Ashikabi's, he often worries about the fights where his Sekirei get involved and shows the utmost care and respect for his Sekirei. He also never gets angry with his Sekirei and tries to convince them that despite his insecurities, he would fight with them and face his fear for his Sekireis' sake. That said, he has expressed several times the desire that even though he participates in these fights, he rather would want to defeat the enemy Sekirei without the use of aggressive violence because he wants to avoid hurting people in the process.

His love and kindness for his Sekirei slowly develops Minato's personality throughout the story into a one more befitting a man, even going as far to go against his own mother in an attempt to protect his Sekirei.[4] Minato is not afraid to show his feelings for his Sekirei, to the point that he fell in a emotional state and cried when he witnessed Musubi's crest disappearing during the first fight against the Disciplinary Squad, showing that he truly cares for his Sekirei which also earned him Kazehana's admiration and feelings towards him.

He is prone to being shocked as shown when Higa of the East believed Minato got all his assets in the Sekirei Plan as Minaka Horoto's son, as opposed to just being a good guy earning his assets by luck and good fortune.[13]

Abilities and Sekirei

As an Ashikabi, Minato has the ability to allow his Sekirei to gain temporarily a power boost after trading a kiss with them. In the series, the power of an Ashikabi can be determined not only by the number of the Sekirei he or she has in his or her disposal, but by the bond between them which marks Minato as a powerful Ashikabi because of his loyalty towards his Sekirei.


Minato Sahashi's Sekirei (from left to right): Musubi, Matsu, Homura, Kazehana, Kusano, and Tsukiumi.

Before the beginning of the third stage, Minato had winged a total number of six Sekireis. All 6 reacted to him out of free will (four of them are "Single Numbers" and one of them is technically a resurrected "Single Number") - three at the game's first stage: Musubi, Kusano and Matsu (her winging triggered the end of the first stage), and three during the second stage: Tsukiumi, Kazehana and Homura (he was the last unwinged Sekirei and his winging was the final phase of the second stage). Having quite a handful of strong Sekireis on his side earned him recognition as the strongest Ashikabi in the northern part of the city, as well as the title "Ashikabi of the North" (sometimes referred to as "Minato of the North"), though most seem to neglect adding his name due to the fact that he was described as an Ashikabi with "shady" backgrounds. Many believe he is the key to foil the MBI's plans for the Sekirei.

Minato's Sekirei(Left-Right/Front-Back)#9 Tsukiumi,#88 Musubi,#108 Kusano,#6 Kagari A.K.A Homura,#3 Kazehana,#2 Matsu


Minato guides his little sister Yukari out of the forest

Not much is known about Minato's past, except that Matsu states that he originally is a native from Wakayama and was raised by a typical family. He had top scores from elementary to high school.[12]

We also get to know from Yukari, that Minato would always help her out in the past when she would get lost in dark places like a forest, even though he as child feared those places himself. He would often carry her out of the forest on his back.[14] It turns out however that she had to help Minato in the end as he failed miserably in his attempt to help her out of the forest[15]


Minato meets Musubi

A student named Minato, appears in the capital after informing his mother on the phone about the results of his exam. He enters a train and thinks about the way he has been leading his life, with no close friends and having failed the exam for the second time, he deems himself as a failure. He notices the main building of the company MBI which is a high skyscraper and remarks that MBI was founded by a child prodigy. After leaving the train, he questions himself whether if would manage to get a decent girlfriend while walking home and suddenly feels the ground shaking. He looks around him and notices a girl falling from the sky who screams to get out of her way. The girl who fell on top of him was being attacked by two other Sekirei who seem to generate electricity. Frightened, he questions if he truly witnessed a lightning attack but is dragged off by the girl before receiving any answers.

Musubi's winging

After being dragged off a far distance, the girl apologizes to Minato for involving him and introduces herself as Musubi. Minato seems to be attracted to Musubi but starts to wonder about what exactly happened and who those people were. Suddenly, Musubi collapses from exhaustion and Minato takes her to his apartment where he treats her hamburgers in order to make her regain energy. While Musubi was expressing her gratitude to Minato and wishes that she would like to have a kind Ashikabi like Minato, her body suddenly reacts with his and she kissed him, which allowed her to activate her powers in the process.

Right after this event, he receives a phone call from a unknown professor who explains him that he has entered the Sekirei Plan. Also as a consequence of their meeting, Minato discovers through his conversation with this professor that Musubi is a 'Sekirei' and he is her 'Ashikabi', a human with special genes that allows them to activate a Sekirei's powers in a process called "winging". Currently, he'll be forced to fight and fight other Sekireis until they remain the last people standing on the battlefield and those who succeed will allowed to ascend. The professor also explains him that after becoming an Ashikabi, Minato is forbidden to leak out information about the Sekirei Plan with risk of retaliation by the MBI. Minato who suddenly realizes that he's talking with the CEO of MBI, falls in panic and the professor says farewell to the two. Musubi tries to calm him and Minato comes to the conclusion that he'll stay a while in the capital with Musubi, fearing that something might happen if he would return home[16].

When Minato wakes up the next day, he finds Musubi next to him and is shocked but recalls what happened the day before. After the phone call from the professor, Musubi explained that she didn't have any place to return to and that each Sekirei has to be forever on her Ashikabi's side. He realized that he really went through all the past events and didn't dream. While thinking what he should do next, Musubi starts to change in front of him and he quickly leaves his apartment. After Musubi is finished with changing, Minato asks her why he was chosen as her Ashikabi but she responds that he wasn't chosen, rather he was pulled into it although she doesn't know the details herself. In order to explain a bit more about the reaction of the Sekirei towards their Ashikabi, she kisses him and shows Minato her wings of light. Minato's heart starts to beat faster and he stares in her eyes but Musubi once again collapses from a empty stomach and he takes her to a restaurant where he treats her food.

After the meal, Minato suggests to go to a supermarket in order to buy some ingredients for the dinner but wonders if he has enough money and tells Musubi to go on ahead while he visits the bank. While walking towards the bank, he suddenly gets an phone call and it appears to be his younger sister Yukari who heard about him failing his exams for a second time. Minato uses the opportunity and asks his younger sister Yukari about sending him some female clothing. She misunderstands him and accuses him of becoming a pervert after moving into the capital but eventually agrees to do so. While thinking about the conversation with his sister, he hears someone offering him a flyer. He looks behind him and frightened recognizes the girls who were chasing Musubi previous day. Minato suddenly hears his name and it turns out to be Musubi who runs towards him from the other side of the street because she forgot to ask what she should prepare for dinner. Minato tries to warn Musubi about the twins but they attack her quickly with lightning. With her clothes ripped off, the two girls recognize the mark of the Sekirei on her back and note that she already has spread her wings. Suddenly one of the two grabs Minato and remarks that he looks quite worthless for an Ashikabi. She attempts to hurt him but is stopped by Musubi who engages combat with the two girls. The fight doesn't last long and the two girls retreat with one of the two apologizing for their behavior. Musubi returns to Minato, and he covers her body with his jacket. He asks Musubi what she and those other girls are, so she responds that they are Sekirei.

Later in the day when the food is almost ready, Minato asks Musubi more about Sekirei. She explains him that there are several ones with each his own ability who need people like Minato as their Ashikabi in order for them to spread their wings. The next day, he receives a package with clothes from his sister. Disappointed with her picks, he calls her up and asks her to send him normal clothes but she once again seems to misunderstand his intention[17]. Later on when Musubi is taking a shower, he's seen thinking about how unnerving it is for a normal lifestyle, to be living together with a girl. He reminiscences about the past when he lived together with his younger sister and brushes off his painful experience. He shortly afterwards receives a package from MBI, containing a change of clothes for Musubi. While discussing Musubi's clothes, he receives a surprise visit from his younger sister Yukari. Astonished at her sudden appearance, he tries hide the fact who Musubi actually is out of fear for MBI. He suddenly gets an phone call from a classmate who invites him for a walk.

After his sister decides to do some shopping with Musubi, he warns her to be careful in the capital and he meets up with his classmate Yasaka in the city. During the walk, they meet up with the No.1 host of Tokyo; Kagari. Yasaka introduces him to Minato and after having a small talk, he invites them to have a drink next time they meet. Yasaka explains more about Kagari and when they decide to head back, Minato bumps into a girl with glasses who was carrying some books. After she walks away, Minato sees a mark on her back and remarks that he has saw it somewhere else. He walks home with a headache, finds Musubi in maid outfit and discovers that his sister is staying at a friend's house. He takes afterwards a bath with Musubi but feels quickly dizzy thanks to his cold[18].

Arrival at Izumo Inn

After living together with Musubi for a couple of days, Minato gets kicked out of his apartment for having more people in the room then he initially promised. After being rejected at every place that they go to, Minato begins to lose hope. As it begins to rain, Musubi kisses Minato and uses her Norito, jumping into the sky and blowing away the clouds to cheer him up. After jumping, they fall and land in the garden of the Izumo Inn, where they meet Miya who treats his wounds[19]. Minato also sees Kagari for the second time. Minato and Musubi also briefly meet Uzume, who comes down to see what's going on. After being lent some clothes and preparing to leave, Minato sees that they are have spare rooms at the Izumo Inn on a poster outside. He asks Miya to move in and she agrees. Later that night he gets an call from his mother. He informs her that he'll be moving and asks for allowance but receives an angry response from his mother who tells him that he gets an reduction until he gets into college. She also warns him not to rely on his grandmother and hangs up due to issues on her work. The next day, Minato and Musubi move all of his stuff from his old place to his room in Izumo Inn. As they are leaving, the landlord decides to give Minato his deposit back for the room because of Musubi's polite manners when they are saying goodbye[20].

The Green Girl

Kusano's winging

After moving in to Izumo Inn, Minato and Musubi discuss some Sekirei matters when they come across Kagari who is preparing to go outside. After saying their farewells, Musubi takes a bath and invites Minato but he declines. While Musubi is in the bath, Minato goes to the tree that Musubi and him landed on when they fell. As he touches the tree, he sees a vision of a small girl asking for his help[21]. In the bath, Musubi meets up with Uzume who introduces herself properly while taking a bath together with Musubi. Uzume sees Musubi's Sekirei Crest and tells her that she is also a Sekirei and shows Musubi her crest. Musubi gets excited at meeting another Sekirei and immediately attacks her, since it is what she was taught to do. Minato's attention is drawed towards the sudden noise and Uzume appears in front of him while flying out of the window. She hides behind his back and asks him to stop Musubi, because she doesn't have the desire to fight his Sekirei. The quarrel is soon stopped by Miya who scolds Musubi and afterwards threatens both, Minato included, that she doesn't allow any violence in Izumo Inn. They briefly discuss afterwards the incident with Musubi apologizing for her behavior because she was taught to always fight Sekirei when she encounters one. As they are leaving the room, Minato starts to wonder about the small girl he saw earlier in the day and suddenly feels another feeling of someone crying out his name. Quickly, he looks behind him but there's no one, leaving Minato even more confused about this issue[22].

Minato's next appearance is in a dream where he follows the sound of crying in a forest. Suddenly he notices a girl in the top of a tree and asks her if she can't go down. Having a closer look on the girl's face, he recognizes the girl and tries to calm her down. She jumps from the top and Minato catches her which causes him to lose his balance. After hearing her name: Kusano, the girl starts to blurt out confusing things and requests for Minato's help. Minato's distance with the girl becomes bigger for some reason and while he reaches his hand out in order to grab her, Kusano disappears. The next day, Minato goes to work to help pay for the rent. When he leaves, he forgets his cellphone behind[23]. As he is working, he is introduced to a man named Seo Kaoru, who suddenly takes an interest in him after sharing his lunch. While Seo and Minato talk, two women come up to Seo and scold him. Minato instantly recognizes them as the two who chased Musubi before she was winged. After they apologize for attacking him, Seo asks Minato if he knows about the Botanical Garden. Minato not knowing about the specifics, receives explanation from Seo that there are rumors about a Sekirei called 'the green girl' who's current location is inside the garden. After the explanation, Minato and Seo head to the entrance of the Botanical Garden where they the blast through the entrance thanks to Hibiki and Hikari[24].

Kusano's first time outside together with Takami

During the walk, Minato suddenly sees a vision of Kusano who points at the direction of her location. She disappears and he runs in the direction that she pointed out. Seo then says that the "Green Girl" has chosen him as his Ashikabi. Meanwhile, Homura finds that gates completely destroyed and meets the Ashikabi of the South with two of his Sekirei, No. 48 Yomi and Akitsu, the disused product. Yomi runs ahead while Homura fights Akitsu. Musubi also arrives and runs after Minato after meeting Homura[25]. Meanwhile, Kusano wakes up from her sleep and looks outside to see if her Onii-san has arrived. Instead, she finds Yomi looking at her and remembers that it was Yomi and Mikogami Hayato who attacked Ku and Sahashi Takami when they were outside walking. Minato arrives as Yomi attempts to take Kusano away, and rushes in to save her. He is beaten, however, and nearly killed when Musubi arrives[26]. They fight and thanks to Miya's advice to Musubi during training, Musubi wins by touching Yomi's mark and reciting her spell.

Mikogami feels Yomi's trace disappear and decides to leave, stating that she was a useless one anyway. As him and Akitsu pull out, Homura returns to Izumo Inn and tells Miya that there will be another person staying there[27]. Minato arrives soon after with Kusano and Musubi, where he is nearly attacked by Miya who thinks that he is kidnapping Kusano. After feeding Kusano and putting her to bed, Minato and Musubi talk about what happened with Yomi. Musubi then tells Minato the truth about the Sekirei Crests. The next morning, as Minato sits on the porch enjoying the weather Kusano wakes up and approaches him. After talking a while, she kisses Minato, making him her Ashikabi[28].

The Ghost of Izumo Inn

Matsu's winging

Shortly after Kusano begins living with Minato and Musubi at Izumo Inn, Yukari comes to visit. She says that she has been accepted into a university and has moved to the city as a result. After Ku begins crying after seeing that the botanical garden was cleared up overnight, Yukari leaves. As she walks through the city, she sees No. 107 Shiina being chased by two other sekireis. She takes him to safety as Homura protects them and eventually becomes Shiina's Ashikabi. Meanwhile, Minato comforts Ku and assures her that Shiina will find a good Ashikabi, unaware of the actions his sister is taking as he speaks. After Shiina is winged by Yukari, No. 2 Matsu is seen in her hidden room in Izumo Inn, commenting on the winging, mentioning that she had hoped it would be a forbidden (or homosexual) winging. She also mentions that out of every Ashikabi, her crest reacts whenever she sees Minato's picture. That night, as Ku goes to the washroom, she sees the ghostly reflection of Matsu in the mirror. She gets frightened and as she runs back to Minato's room, she calls Matsu a ghost. Matsu is later seen saying that she just meant to say hello.

The next morning, Minato and Kusano mention the ghost to Kagari, Miya, and Uzume. Miya says that there are no ghosts in Izumo Inn and things return to normal. Meanwhile, Matsu is planning to meet with Minato without Ku or Musubi getting in the way and tries to distract Musubi by firing at her with a satellite she hacked while Musubi is shopping. While Musubi runs around, Matsu goes into the bath where Minato is. At first he thinks that it is Musubi and tells her that he is fine alone. When he sees it's not Musubi, he begins to get nervous. Matsu says that everytime she sees him, he gets cuter and attempts to kiss him. Just as she is about to do it, Musubi shows up. Matsu pulls out a net gun and traps Musubi. With Musubi trapped, Matsu tries to kiss Minato again. Then Miya shows up and stops Matsu from going any further. Matsu is then formally introduced to Minato, Musubi, and Kusano. She says that she was on the run from MBI and has had to hide in her room all this time. She also shows them her hidden door which is actually located right next to the stairs in the wall. Miya then tells Matsu not to go into other people's rooms and says that it's forbidden. Later that night, Minato wakes up to see Matsu on top of him. She says that she forgot the ritual and kisses him, making him her Ashikabi. Suddenly, Miya bursts into the room and says that both Minato and Matsu will be punished for Matsu sneaking into Minato's room.

The Water Sekirei

Tsukiumi's winging

While Minato is sleeping he has a dream about an unknown woman threatening to kill him. Minato almost shrugs off the dream, but Matsu encourages him to talk about it. After hearing about the dream, Matsu explains to Minato that he is resonating with another Sekirei; as he has winged three Sekireis and established deep bonds with them, his strength as an Ashikabi has increased and more powerful Sekireis might respond to him subconsciously. After getting a match of Minato's description Matsu informs Minato that the Sekirei from his dream is named Tsukiumi, Sekirei No.9; a powerful but dangerous Sekirei who hates Ashikabis. Minato is frightened at the prospect of facing her, but Musubi reassures him and he decides to search for her. Along with Musubi and Kusano they begin to search the city for Tsukiumi. Soon Minato runs into Seo; and then shortly thereafter the two encounter Tsukiumi who is in a battle with Seo's Hibiki and Hikari (who were up to old tricks hunting unwinged Sekireis but had unluckily attacked the powerful single-number).

When Tsukiumi realizes Minato is the Ashikabi from her dreams, she attempts to kill him; but after a close call nearly results in her being winged by Seo, Tsukiumi figures out Minato is the Ashikabi she really wants as Minato attempts to stop Seo from causing her emergence. Having saved Tsukiumi from the attacks from Seo and the lightning twins, Minato earns Tsukiumi's trust. She declares that she will accept his proposal (which she treats as marriage, somewhat to Minato's discomfort), and that rather than killing him she prefers kissing him (which she proceeds to do, thus emerging and becoming his 4th Sekirei).

(In the anime, she surprises Minato shortly after he saves her from Seo by informing him that "henceforth" only she, his legal wife may kill him, and then kisses him to seal their bond and emerge.)

The Escape Plan

Kazehana's winging

The story then goes to two people being chased, soon identified as an Ashikabi & Sekirei. They are attacked by Uzume on order of Higa. Musubi and Tsukiumi interrupted the fight and challenged Uzume not knowing it is her. Annoyed by the two against one situation Kazehana stepped in and vanished together with Uzume from the scene. Musubi is moved from the story the two have to tell and decides that she want to help them and thus introduces Minato to them. Minato decides that he wants to help them and get the support from all his Sekirei except Tsukiumi to do so. As they begin the plan, everything runs smoothly until the Disciplinary Squad attacks. Nearly about to fall of into the ocean he was saved by Tsukiumi who was convinced to go by Kusano. With her help and the appearance of No.8 Yume Minato defeated the enforcement group. Watching the whole thing Kazehana, the unknown Sekirei from earlier, decided to be winged by Minato winging herself and blows Kuno and Haruka to safety and away from the Sekirei plan.

Captured by MBI

After Minato helped Haruka and Kuno to escape, Tsukiumi and Kazehana are fighting each other unaware that Haihane is nearby. Minato breaks up the fight and tells them to get along and they agreed. Just as they were about to head back to Izumo Inn, Haihane appears after the big pain she got from Musubi and Tsukiumi who weren't aware that she was near. After Kazehana defeated Haihane, MBI helicopters were heading to the bridge and Minato and the others were about to leave. Minato couldn't move from the pain and was going to be carried by Musubi who suddenly couldn't move either. Minato's mother Takami appears and told him about the job she lied about and is about to put him in protective custody. Minato stand up against his mother to protect his Sekirei which failed and they got all captured. Minato woke up in a hospital with Tsukiumi next to him and Musubi on another bed eating. His mother told him that he got bigger injuries than Musubi and would have to stay 2–3 days. Minato was talking to his mother about Musubi and Yume with Tsukiumi. Minato was holding Tsukiumi for being teased by his mother and she told him that she wasn't sure that Yume exist and got called away for a level four Sekirei. He returned to the Inn after being released, Tsukiumi was apologizing for not being there for Minato and got scared by Musubi. Kazehana surprised him with a naked apon and Miya hits her for breaking the rules. Miya talks to him about the path he is taking and Kusano hugs him and hurts him at the same time. Matsu appears and ask him about the bridge and other things. Minato seen Uzume about to leave and tells her to hurry back.

The Last Sekirei

Homura's winging

Minato woke up and was thinking about Uzume and assumes that he and everyone else was the reason she left. Kazehana tells him that Uzume is having fun with her Ashikabi to comfort him. Minato is eating with the other and ask Kagari about whats wrong, Kagari tells him not to worry twice and runs off. Minato was thinking if Kagari hates him and Musubi tell him that he cares deep inside. He was doing chores and later freaked out that he didn't study until Matsu came by and gave him a special ability test and saw Kazehana and Tsukiumi returning from the race. After he finished the test and handed it to Matsu and he passed. Matsu tells him that he didn't need any practice and that he needs to believe in his possibilities.

His phone rang and got a message to wing the last Sekirei in the northern sector, Matsu freaked out and tells him to wing the last Sekirei and got cut off and retreated. Kusano tells him that there was someone like her and wants him to help that person, Minato agreed to help him if he reacts to him instead of forcing him. Minato saw Kagari and begin to worry, Kagari was about to fall down and Minato grabbed his female like breast. Kagari was get close to Minato's face, he snaps out of it and puches Minato for touching him. He was about to use a fireball on Minato, but couldn't do it and Minato now know that Kagari is a Sekirei and both got wet by Tsukiumi. Minato came by Kagari room and knocked, he tell him about the message he got and tell him that he is worried. Minato went in but Kagari was already gone and picked up Kagari's phone with Takami on the line. She tells Minato about Homura and the danger he is in by the other Ashikabis and the Disciplinary Squad and then the others came to see Minato in Homura's room. He told the others about Homura's reaction to him and Tsukiumi wants him to wing Homura and others didn't objected about that. He was freaked out about winging a male Sekirei but he and the others want to help him nonetheless. He and the others went to save Homura using a homing device in his clothes and Miya tells him to remind Homura about paying the rent. He and the others arrived to save him from Kakizaki, two of Higa's Sekireis, and Uzume. The reason he came is because he wants Homura to be his Sekirei but Homura thinks its because he wants to increase his Sekirei number so badly.

Just when Homura was about to burn himself to death, Minato tells him that his life isn't meaningless and that he didn't come for the game that everyone came to help him. Homura powers were building up and couldn't control them and tell Minato to get back, but Minato wouldn't let him die so he wing Homura. Homura became his sixth Sekirei and his powers became stable, Minato collapse afterwards and Homura got him and Minato apologizing for kissing him. Homura tells him to take responsibility and both got wet by Tsukiumi again. After the battle was over, Minato asked if Homura wants to kill Minaka but he want everyone to go home together which he agrees and became tired out. He woke up two days later with Miya and Minato beside him, Minato was about to change the bandages and saw Homura's breast. Homura tells him that he/she is different from the other Sekireis and that his gender can be decided by the Ashikabi, Minato was about to put ointment and ask Homura to remains as he/she is right now and tells him/her that he/she is fine the way he/she is now and Homura thanks him.

The Sekirei Plan Story

The Sekirei when discovered

After Minato treated Homura, he was going to his room until he saw his Sekireis sleeping in the corridor and were worried about Homura. Tsukiumi asked if Minato did anything mischievous with Homura alone, but he didn't and she is treating him like a beast like the landlady. Matsu told Minato about Homura not being a normal Sekirei and if it wasn't for Minato he would have been in bigger danger. It seems that Matsu wanted Minato's Sekirei number to increase and everyone got curious about what Matsu knew. Minato didn't know about Ashikabis, Sekireis, or even MBI that he made everyone go through a lot of danger. He begs Matsu to tell about the Sekirei Plan, the Sekirei, and what events will happen from now on. Matsu agrees to tell Minato everything he needs to know. There are things that are top secret, but as an Ashikabi he is prepared.

Matsu tells him about an island from 20 years ago where the Sekirei Plan started. She tells him about the ruins of a giant ship and inside are 108 life forms known as the Sekireis. There were two students who discovered the ruin and one of them is Minaka Hiroto who is the president of Mid Bio Informatics also known as MBI. There were one adult, eight embryos, and 99 fertilized eggs, they began talking about adjustments to the Sekireis. Matsu was about to take about the event that would threaten the Sekirei lives known as the Invasion of Kamikura Island. An army from an unidentified country invaded the island and the Sekirei Plan guardian were born also known the Disciplinary Squad.

Everyone including Minato was surprised that Matsu was a member of the first Disciplinary Squad. Minato learned the man who did the adjustments to the first generation Disciplinary Squad discovered the winging system and the existence of Ashikabis was Miya's husband Asama Takehito. Minato became curious about Matsu's ability to enter electronic devices, but she can only spy through the device. However, that all depends on Minato just when Matsu was about to kiss until Tsukiumi intervenes and began to ask about Norito. Minato learned that Matsu ran away from MBI and Mutsu became Mikogami's Sekirei. Matsu asked if Minato likes his Sekireis and he admits it that he would fight beside them. Matsu tell Minato that he would be fighting together with his Sekireis in the third stage.

The Third Stage

Matsu said that Minato would need the power of a Sekirei with the use of their special powers which is known as a Norito. Matsu explains to Minato that the third stage is a test between the relation of Ashikabi and Sekirei. The third stage begins and the first match but Minato wasn't chosen. He finds out that the player for the first match is Seo, Sanada, and Mikogami, all he can do right now is watch. Minato sees how Seo and Sanada acts the same ways. The first match is over and the second match started in which Minato is still not chosen. Matsu believe it because he has one of the seeds and it was revealed to be a Jinki she stole which is why she was in hiding. Minato got a vision of Yume from the Jinki and she said that she will protect him. Musubi woke him up out of it, was call to dinner and gave the Jinki to Homura to hold on to. Yume talking through Musubi tells him its love from an Ashikabi and tells him to follow the path he believes in and that she will protect him. Musubi woke up out of it and Minato said in his mind that he will protect everyone. Minato was about to be feed by Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Kusano but feed Homura instead. Everyone was curious about what an Ashikabi is and later the second match was over.

Minato and Musubi met an Ashikabi and his Sekirei who call Minato the "Ashikabi of the North" who want help to get out of the capital. He refused and the MBI arrived as well as Karasuba who wanted to see Musubi, she left later and Musubi said that those two will die. Minato and Musubi returned surprised by an angry Tsukiumi and Kusano for being late. He tells them about the plan to escape the capital and turn it down without asking everyone else. He began asking questions about number 1 which freaked Homura and Kazehana and Miya tell him that she died with Takehito. Minato's phone rang and he was chosen for the third stage and can only bring three Sekireis which got everyone to get him to chose. Minato chosen Musubi, Tsukiumi, and Homura to fight beside him in the third match. Minato and the group arrived at the Chuuou Junction and met Higa who want to talk about taking down MBI. Higa talks about how people became Ashikabis and get involved in a deadly game and he seems to know about Minato. Higa wanted Minato to take down MBI because he has the power to but doesn't realize how valuable he is. He was asked to join Higa but refused due to the info he got from Seo and his mother's warning about the capital, Higa left after being turned down and stated that they're both stubborn (Minato and Yukari). Homura asked if its wise to turn him and build a connection with the East, but Minato couldn't make friends with someone like that. Minato was grabbed by Musubi and Tsukiumi and were glad for him and ran into the Disciplinary Squad in the match. Minato and other put their plan into action with a combining technique, Minato kissed Musubi to unlock her Norito for the plan. He and Musubi jumped up, but Minato blacked out and was forced to let go and fell.

He woke up near a battle and met the Disciplinary Squad's Ashikabi named Natsuo who is also a clerk. He learned about what happens to the Sekireis of a dead Ashikabi, they get terminated and that this information is top secret. He was about to be attacked by one of Oriha's blades when Tsukiumi saved him and is about to battle Haihane. Natsuo tells Minato to keep the information a secret, but Minato asked why he told him and it was because he was careless. Natsuo wonders if Minato would kill him by what he know could kill Sekireis by the death of an Ashikabi. Minato wonders if Natsuo is messing with him and then Homura pull Minato out before he can say more. Benitsubasa threatens to kill Minato until Homura protects him from her and Musubi fell on Minato and hug him for dropping him. The Disciplinary Squad left, Minato and Tsukiumi faces Higa and Oriha who is injured. Tsukiumi wants to use Norito and Minato agrees to kiss her and Tsukiumi defeated Oriha. Minato was running to Tsukiumi but Musubi caught up and hugs her.

The third match is over and Minato got his second Jinki from a Minaka robot which blew up by Homura. After he got his Jinki, another trouble came by the veiled Sekirei revealed to be Uzume. Uzume wants Minato to hand over the Jinki and she started to fight with them and capture Minato. Homura was about to attack her until Minato hugs her and tell him/her not to because Uzume is a friend. Minato can tell how much her Ashikabi loves her and Uzume protects Minato from Akistu's attack. Uzume lets Minato go when Homura attacks her and met with Mikogami for the first time. Mikogami had no intention of fighting Minato now until the next time and then leaves. Minato reveal that he placed a bug on Uzume while hugging and he knew about who Uzume was from Matsu.

Rescue Chiho Plan

After their encounter with Uzume, everyone was heading home all tired except for Minato. Minato became curious as to why the director is trying to hide the game from the public and discusses this with the others. Musubi suddenly wakes up and interrupts the conversation while telling them that she was kidnapped and needs to be stronger to protect everyone. After Musubi went back to sleep, Kusano and Kazehana fell onto Minato from the sky, to welcome him back home. Because of his Sekirei`s actions, Minato arrives at Izumo Inn looking all beat up. He asks Matsu about Uzume`s location and she tells him that Uzume is heading east and that she has arrived at a hospital. Minato finds out that Uzume's Ashikabi is in that hospital and that the hospital is owned by Higa of the East`s family. He also learns about Chiho`s condition and that Uzume can`t get help from MBI because she was the one who helped Matsu escape. Minato decides to ask MBI for help despite all of his sekireis objections. He calls his mother who is discussing her family with Minaka who wants to be let into the family. As Minato talks with his mother, Minaka grabs the phone and offers to help Chiho as long as Minato is able to bring Chiho to MBI. When Minato agrees, Minaka mentions that he is impressed by his growth, which confuses Minato. Minato also calls Yukari, but gets no answer. He checks on his sekireis who are all asleep in his room, then goes to Matsu`s room. He asks about the mass escape plan. She answers that no Sekireis or Ashikabis made it out. She mentions that they were lucky that Karasuba didn't appear in the third match or they would have been killed. Minato begins to think about his Sekireis and about how they will be stronger.

The next morning, Minato sees the Landlady off as she visits her husband's grave. He then sees Matsu, Musubi, Kusano, and Tsukiumi off. As they leave, Kazehana mentions how she is grateful to Minato for going so far for Uzume. as Kazehana starts hugging Minato, the alarms in Matsu's room go off. Minato then sees Uzume walking towards Izumo Inn, and Minato and Homura state that they were hoping that she wouldn`t come to the Inn. Uzume came with two of Higa's Sekireis, Homura and Kazehana came out and fight. Uzume attacked Minato when he refused to move and hurts him. Minato explained to Uzume about the plan to save Chiho. Minato pretends to fight with Uzume until Chiho is safe and ask Uzume to play along. He received the call from Musubi telling him that she is got Chiho and is heading for MBI. He got the call again from Musubi that Chiho is going to be okay and gives the phone to Uzume to talk to Chiho.

The East Sekireis were defeated easily by Homura and Kazehana, Minato welcomed Uzume back to her home. Sai trys to kill Minato until Uzume protected him and got stabbed while Minato watched. Minato was panicking until Uzume asked him for a favor to take care of Chiho. Minato told her that she just going for a walk and she will return one day. The Disciplinary Squad come to recover Uzume until Minato and the other resisted. Natsuo tells Minato about the recovering operation and that Uzume's body is still alive. Miya comes and tells Minato that Uzume is gone and the only way to get her back is to have the courage to be the last Ashikabi. He became scared that his Sekireis is going to disappear before his eyes. Musubi came crashing down on Minato, then Kusano, Tsukiumi, and Matsu came after. Minato was glad everyone came back safe and sound, then hugged Musubi and Tsukiumi. He felt guilty of not able to save Uzume and he then hugs Kusano and tells that Uzume is not dead that she will come back. Minato then learns that Miya is Sekirei # 1 and she began to tell the truth behind the Sekirei and Ashikabi.

Sekirei and Ashikabi Origin

After Miya revealed her identity to everyone, She advised everyone to take a bath and have some food before telling them the story. Minato is still remembering Uzume and cried, then Musubi comforts him and say that they will see Uzume again someday, Minato then felt better. While the girls are bathing, Homura helped Minato with his injuries. Homura blames himself for Uzume, but Minato said that it wasn't the Sekirei's fault but the humans who use Sekireis. Minato grabs Homura's hand and Homura says that it hurts, Minato apologizes to Homura. Miya began to tell the story of Sekirei and Ashikabi to everyone, but she tell Homura to stop using her as an Jinki vault. Minato then learns the true purpose of the Jinki and becomes shocked, He then also learned of the Sekirei core. Minato began to see a vision of what Miya saw, he saw Sekireis that looked like his Sekireis and a naked Musubi with an Ashikabi hiding. She kissed the Ashikabi and began to mate while glowing, she says that she will protect him always.

4th Match of the Third Stage


The Fourth Stage Begins

As the Sekirei and Ashikabi arrive on Kamikura Island, Hiraka reveals that the island emits energies toxic to Ashikabi. The Ashikabi (and only they) have five minutes to place their Jinki at eight strategic locations on the island's perimeter before they succumb to the energies. Minato manages to place the last one just as the time expires. Once this is complete, walls of light separate the participants into assorted groups: forced to fight each other until there is a winner. If the fights aren't settled in one hour, both Ashikabi (and all their associated Sekirei) will be terminated.

Stage 2

As the walls of light emerge, Minato, Kazehana, Homura, and Kusano find themselves forced to engage Higa Izumi and two of his Sekirei. Izumi displays his ruthless streak again when he orders his associates to fire an MBI satellite, but Kusano blocks the attack with plants. At this, Izumi shows his jealous of Minato because he sees Minato as spoiled. It's only when Minato shows complete shock at the fact that Hiraka is his father that he realizes Izumi had completely misread Minato. Minato had never known of his father (because his mother pressured him to not learn this), and he'd come about all his Sekirei and his increased confidence all on his own. Izumi's jealousy changes into anger at his own inadequacies, and after being challenged by Minato decides to go all out. At each's urging, Kazehana and Kaie engage one-on-one at full power, resulting in a double termination. Before the battle can proceed further, however, the walls of light suddenly vanish.

The Third Invasion of Kamikura Island

Due to the numerous norito invoked in the battle, the Jinki aboard Hiraka's ship short out, and the ship goes offline. This prompts an outside force to storm the island: the Third Invasion of Kamikura Island. The Ashikabi agree to a truce until the invasion is thwarted. The Sekirei regroup around their Ashikabi and engage the invaders. Minato invokes norito for the first time on Matsu, Homura, Tsukiumi, and Kusano. Matsu briefly takes control of Kouten and uses it to shoot down attacking helicopters. Tsukiumi takes out the attacking battleships at sea, Homura creates a firestorm to repel ground troops, and Kusano's power of life emerges, reviving the entire island and all the terminated Sekirei, allowing them to enter the fray.

But as the invasion is stopped, the island begins to sink, as Hiraka's ship is still offline. Mutsu is forced to use a powerful norito and his powers of earth to raise the sea floor to shore up the island, but doing so overloads the ship's Jinki, causing them to shatter. The shockwave sends all the Ashikabi into a state similar to termination.

The Final Battle

Suspended in a dream-like state, Minato envisions himself wandering through an empty Izumo Inn until he encounters Uzume on the roof (Uzume, in a similar state, can communicate with him). She explains that whoever wins the Fourth Stage and goes on to the final battle can only take one Sekirei with him. Meanwhile, Musubi urges Minato's other Sekirei to unite their energies in her, as she can reach Minato through the Ashikabi core remnant she inherited from Yume. She reaches Minato in the dream world, and helps to revive him. As a result, Minato is the only Ashikabi still standing; by default, he's won the Fourth Stage. All his other Sekirei are unconscious, as they've placed their faith in Musubi. Together, Minato and Musubi fly up to Kouten, where the Queen awaits. The final battle will be an all-out one-on-one battle. The Queen is unmatched in skill and experience, but because Musubi still carries the other Sekirei with her in spirit, she can invoke their abilities, allowing her to surprise the Queen. The two engage in one final clash, and Musubi emeges the victor. Minato then declares their mutual wish: "The freedom for all Sekirei and Ashikabi to spread their wings." Musubi then regretfully pushes Minato off Kouten; as the new Queen, Musubi must now act alone. Minato is saved by his other Sekirei, who had re-awakened after Musubi's victory. The dethroned Miya is also returned to Earth.


Minato finally passes the entrance exams and enrolls in college; as Matsu has predicted, a lack of confidence had been the only thing keeping him back. He also decides to work at MBI and enter the Sekirei Plan. As he explained to his mother, Minato wanted to learn all he could about the Sekirei so he could help with their revival and perhaps one day release them from Kouten, allowing them to truly fly free.

Now that the combat part of the Sekirei Plan is complete, Minato has become good friends with the other Ashikabi, who have each found his or her own goals to pursue. Due to Minato's wish and Musubi's position as the new Queen, terminated Sekirei have been re-awakening: starting with the ones that were on Kamikura. However, an odd side effect emerged. Sekirei reawakened in this manner do so unwinged, with no memories of anything happening after their winging. Fortunately, these memories generally return once winged again by their original Ashikabi. For their part, MBI has decided not to force the matter: instead letting the bonds regrow in the usual way. The last Sekirei to reawaken in this manner is Uzume, though ever the wildcard, she manages to do so early and escapes from MBI. But despite her amnesia, she's still naturally drawn to Chiho. Matsu informs him the two met outside Izumo Inn (Chiho having been directed there after her discharge from the hospital) and eventually rebonded.

This leaves two storage pods at MBI: Karasuba (who refuses to awaken)...and Asama Takehito. It turned out he didn't die after his incident. Instead, he was left in a terminated state: implying the incident turned him into an Ashikabi. Minato promises to find a way to awaken him and reunite him with his wife, allowing him to complete the bond he could never make before.

Minato and all his friends hold a big party at Izumo Inn, both to celebrate their reunion and to welcome Chiho to the Inn: moving in with Uzume. As the party progresses, each of Minato's Sekirei seeks a moment alone with him to affirm their bond with him. But then, Matsu informs him that the Kamikura Island ship is heading towards Kouten (Minaka is releasing Musubi from Kouten). Minato rushes towards MBI when he suddenly hears a very familiar scream. He looks up...and just like in the very beginning, Musubi falls onto him. All the Sekirei gather joyously around them as they celebrate her return and their being complete once more.

Anime and Manga differences

  • In the Manga, Musubi gets winged by Minato in his apartment right after he treats her to some hamburgers. In the anime, it happens on the street while getting attacked by the thunder twins Hibiki and Hikari.
  • In the Manga, Minato meets up with Homura for the first time during a walk with Yasaka. This part is not included in the anime.
  • In the Anime, Tsukiumi was winged at the first stage and her winging triggered the end of the first stage.
  • In the Manga, Kazehana is winged by Minato during the escape, while in the Anime she is winged in a docking yard while Minato is kidnapped.
  • While he helps Chiho in both adaptations, in the manga he plays a much less active role in helping her directly, and instead is at Maison Izumo, instead of storming MBI's headquarters as in the anime.


  • Minato's home was previously in "Wakayama"[29].


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