Name Namiji
Japanese Name 波路
Personal Information
Sekirei No 73
Species Sekirei - Massive halberd
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Takano Kouji
Norito unknown
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayumi Fujimura
English Dana Schultes
Image Gallery

Namiji (波路, Namiji) is Sekirei #73.


Namiji has grey eyes and brown hair, kept wild around her head, with some longer strands tied into a tail falling down her back. She wears a red top, leaving her back uncovered, with a white cloth wrapped around her hips. Long red gloves and stockings, ending in a white rim, compliment her look.


Namiji openly shows her affection for her Ashikabi, displaying a cheerful nature.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Namiji is wielding a massive halberd as a weapon. Her power must be at least above average since she was able to win the second match of the third stage in the Sekirei Plan.


Nothing is known about her past. But it happened during the Sekirei Plan that Namiji is able to meet her Ashikabi, Takano Kouji. During their time together, Namiji seems to develop feelings towards her Ashikabi.

Plot (Manga)Edit

Namiji is seen in a fight against the Veiled Sekirei and the Death God, in which she was defeated and terminated by them due to an ambush ordered by Higa Izumi to steal their Jinki[1]. Her ashikabi, Takano Kouji was wrapped up by Uzume's veils and asked to hand over the Jinki #2 they've won a few minutes ago. After refusing to do so, he was left heavily wounded lying next to his beloved Sekirei[2].

Plot (Anime)Edit

Ever since Minka Hiroto announced to all Sekirei's and Ashikabi's to find an opponent within the next two weeks or else they'll all seize functioning, Namiji and her Ashikabi, Takano Kouji have been searching through all over Shinto Teito looking for someone to battle. They made an actual appearance when Namiji defeated an unknown Sekirei. Kouji came up to see if Namiji is okay. After Kouji congratulated her, Namiji felt relieved that they finally won a match before time ran out and hugged her Ashikabi. But they noticed that the Ashikabi is crying when his Sekirei got terminated. Kouji tried to apologize, but the Ashikabi yells at him to not apologize. The Ashikabi said that he does understand, about the rules of the Sekirei Plan and all of this being a game. But he is still heart-broken after losing his Sekirei and saying that they didn't even want to fight. So Namiji and Kouji were left seeing a tragic sight while Homura is watching from the shadows.

Anime and Manga differencesEdit

  • Other than in the Manga she has an appearance in a quick fight with an unknown Sekirei in the second season of the Anime[3].
  • Her death is shown in the manga series, she is currently still alive in the anime series.


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