Miyajima in front of her house

Miyajima, was Tsukiumi's tuner. Described as a woman older than 70 who doesn't look her age. Miya has stated that she was a special advisor in MBI and was even respected by Minaka Hiroto. In a way she would have been just as much of a mad scientist as he is[1].

Tsukiumi lived with her and referred to her as a "baba" (old woman). She was very strict and would make a demonic facial visage which made Tsukiumi tremble with fear everyday. Even now, when living in Izumo Inn, Tsukiumi is afraid of her and panics when she is mentioned, thus her full name is still unknown.[1][2]. Even though she may have been strict to Tsukiumi, she has shown a genuine concern for her safety, as she caught Tsukiumi when she slipped off the roof.

She officially makes an appearance in Sekirei: 365 Days Without You. Where she meets Minato and Tsukiumi at her house, she also makes reference to Hikari and Hibiki's twin pregnancy.


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