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Name Mitsuki
Japanese Name 蜜姫
Personal Information
Sekirei No 39
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Mikogami Hayato
Norito Steel fiber of my pledge kill those who tie down my ashikabi from behind!
Voice Actors
Japanese none
English none
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Mitsuki, Sekirei #39, is one of Hayato Mikogami's Sekirei, who debuted while representing her Ashikabi in the first battle of the Third Stage of the Sekirei Plan[1]. She bears a striking resemblance to #38 Mitsuha, which even surprised Hikari and Hibiki when they first met. She is effortlessly terminated by Yūna in a single lethal strike during the Fourth Stage of the Sekirei Plan[2].


Mitsuki is a female Sekirei with long blonde hair and grey eyes appearing to be similar to Mitsuha in her height and body measurements. She wears a black dress with one vertical yellow stripe in the middle of the garment, black combat gloves, black stockings, a frilly black choker, and black high-heeled shoes.


Mitsuki enjoys taunting and teasing her opponents, as seen when she was facing Hikari and Hibiki[1][3]. She appeared to possess a ruthless side, smirking and narrowing her eyes while asking a restrained Hibiki and Hikari if she should let them experience "something more painful than death."[3] Overall, her behaviour and mannerisms are virtually identical to Mitsuha's.

Abilities and Powers[]

Mitsuki uses multiple lengths of steel wire custom made by MBI to constrict and cut her opponents[3], she is also capable of using them in a non-lethal manner (as a net) demonstrated when she caught her falling Ashikabi. She was fast enough to dodge attacks from Hikari and Hibiki, before eventually being hit by a burst of lightning from the two.[3] She is capable of coordinating her attacks and general movements with Himeko in an efficient manner.[3] Her Norito boosts her power as it does with all Sekirei.


The incantation for Mitsuki's norito is:

Steel fiber of my pledge, Kill those who tie down my Ashikabi from behind!


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