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Name Kuzuri
Japanese Name くずり
Personal Information
Sekirei No unknown
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Sanada Nishi
Norito These are the heels of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
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Kuzuri, is one of Sanada's Sekirei, and one of the three Sekirei in his trio of "Lovelies." She debuts during the first round of the Third Stage battles of the Sekirei Plan[1].


Kuzuri is a short, slender, and dark skinned Sekirei with black hair and green eyes. She wears a black leather top, and matching black leather bloomers and stockings.


She seems to be cheerful, happy-go-lucky, naive, mischievous, and otherwise similar to her friends Shijime and Kujika.

Abilities and Powers[]

Kuzuri is a close range fighter, capable of using the leather bands which dangle down from her arms to block attacks, as well as kicks to attack in her own right. She's nimble, fast, and can easily outflank or frustrate her opponents.

Norito: Her Norito appears to be special because it is executed together with Sanada's two other younger Sekirei, similar to the Thundertwins Norito (Hikari and Hibiki).

Prayer: These are the heels of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi.[2]


Nothing is known about her past apart from her friendship with Kujika and Shijime, and her having reacted to and been winged by Sanada.


Kuzuri first appeared in the first match of stage 3. She got separated from her Ashikabi and accidentally runs into Seo Kaoru and his Sekirei. She immediately tries to run away but got caught by Seo at one of her leather bands. She started to cry, stating Seo would assault her and apologizes to her Ashikabi that she would be stained now, making Seo even more angry. At the same moment Sanada hits Seo from behind on the head with an iron pipe, thinking he had assaulted Kuzuri[1]. Hikari and Hibiki, pissed off by that, attack Sanada with lightning which he, other than his Sekirei, can't dodge. While Sanada concentrates on the thunder twins Seo grabs Kuzuri and Kujika's breasts and renders them helpless with his special Ashikabi powers.

Sanada, offended by that, starts a fight a with Seo[3]. Bored watching the fight of these too Kujika and Kuzuri decide to chase after the Jinki and to search for the still missing Shijime when they run into the battlefield of the thunder twins and Mikogami's Sekirei and decide to join the fight for fun[4]. Kuzuri fights effortlessly against the other Sekirei, making it look more like a game of tag and teasing the other Sekirei by exposing her panties. When Minaka ends the first battle of stage 3 she is last seen commenting that Sanada would be burned black after getting shocked by an lightning attack from Hikari[5].


  • Kuzuri's speech is completely written in Katakana, implying a childish demeanour that matches her personality traits and appearance.


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