Name Kuno
Japanese Name 久能
Personal Information
Sekirei No 95
Species Sekirei - Song
Gender Female Female
Height 157 cm
Weight 43 kg
Three Size B 80 / W 56 / H 88
Ashikabi Shigi Haruka
Norito This is a song of my vow...please light the path for my Ashikabi![1]
Voice Actors
Japanese Satomi Akesaka
English Kate Bristol
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Kuno #95, is a clutzy crybaby. She is one of the targets of Uzume on orders of Higa. With Minato's help she and her Ashikabi manage to leave the city alive, even with Kuno being injured.[2]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kuno is a fairly short, fair-skinned girl with blue eyes and messy chin-length blond hair. She is also fairly petite with a feminine-build, one of many things she is insecure about. She wears a blue long sleeved blouse with a white collar and a matching ruffled skirt, knee high black boots and white stockings that stop just above her knees.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kuno has been shown as a very clumsy, yet kind person. She is also very shy and quiet. Because her power can hurt her more than her opponent, she has been hesitant about using it and is only pushed into using it once against Uzume, which wasn't very effective, and against the Disciplinary Squad, which ultimately did not really affect the outcome of the fight.[3][1] Because of her Ashikabi's similarity to Minato, Kuno is often being compared to Musubi. She has also been shown to cry really easily. Whenever people call her a klutz, she is often seen with tears in her eyes.[3]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Kuno releases her power.

Her ability is "voice" or "song," with which she can either confuse their enemy or block their attacks. With her Norito she can drain the energy from her enemies while putting them to sleep. It also seems to have a weak effect for far away enemies.[1] Her regular attacks are also not very strong, like when Uzume took one directly while pursuing her. Even though she got hit directly by Kuno's attack, Uzume gets up like nothing happened.[3] Although her Norito can be a strong weapon in a fight, its downside is that it damages Kuno afterward as prolonged usage of it will cause her to cough up blood and cause her to collapse.[4]

Attacks[edit | edit source]

  • "Screaming Screech Cry" - Named by Haruka
  • "Swaying Song" - Named by Haruka (Norito Move)[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Not much is known of Kuno's past, except that she was released in the winter, wandering starved and freezing through the city. She could escape Hikari and Hibiki but eventually gave up and just waited for what to come sitting in a small sideway. That's where Haruka found her and gave her a hot steamed bun and attracted by his kindness, causing her to stare after him, which led her to finding that he is her Ashikabi.[5]

Despite successfully escaping the city and MBI, Kuno and her ashikabi return to the city to defend the unguarded MBI and the injured sekirei inside after the security is shutdown[6]

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