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Kujika Anime.png
Name Kujika
Personal Information
Sekirei No 48
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Sanada Nishi
Norito These are the elbows of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese unknown
English Hilary Couch
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Kujika (くじか, Kijuka) is one of Sanada's Sekirei, and one of the three in his trio of "Lovelies." She debuts during the first round of the Third Stage battles of the Sekirei Plan[1].


Kujika is a busty, short, and dark skinned Sekirei with short blonde hair and large blue eyes. She wears a black leather bra adorned with two yellow stars, and a black skirt and boots.



She seems to be cheerful, happy-go-lucky, naive, mischievous, and otherwise similar to her friends Shijime and Kuzuri.

Abilities and Powers[]

Kujika is hand-to hand combat fighter specializing in using elbow strikes. She's nimble, fast, and can easily outflank or frustrate her opponents.

Norito: Her Norito seems to be special because it is executed together with Sanada's two other younger Sekirei, similar to the Thunder twins' Norito.

Prayer: These are the elbows of my pledge. Smash and clear the wall before my Ashikabi.[2]


Nothing is known of Kujika's past, apart from her friendship with Kuzuri and Shijime, and her having reacted to and been winged by Sanada.


Kujika first appeared when Sanada Nishi receives a call to participate in the first match of the 3rd stage[1]. On the actual battlefield she was seen searching together with Sanada for her comrade Kuzuri who was hunted down by Seo[3]. When the thunder twins were attacking she dodged the attack perfectly but stated she was surprised. She got caught by Seo, who rendered her powers useless by touching her breasts[3]. Watching the resulting fight between Sanada and Seo, she commented that it was useless to try and interfere with a battle between men and decided to go after the Jinki instead, searching for Shijime together with Kuzuri. On their chase for her, they encountered Hikari and Hibiki fighting Mikogami's Sekirei and decided to join in, dodging effortlessly the lightning strikes of the thunder twins[4]. The fight was stopped by Mikogami acquiring the Jinki.


  • Kujika's speech is written in Katakana, matching her childish demeanour and youthful appearance.


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