Japanese Name


Occupation Secretary
Gender Male
Voice Actors
Seiyū Kenji Takahashi
English Eric Vale
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A bespectacled man who serves as Higa Izumi's 'secretary' who once was also an Ashikabi[1]. He tried to claim Homura so that Izumi Higa can wing him and was accompanied by two of Izumi's Sekirei. During the battle for Homura, Kakizaki is restrained by Kusano's vines. He also was in charge of Uzume, giving her orders to make her obey Izumi[2]. He also accompanied Higa during his attack on Izumo Inn.[3]


Kakizaki is a tall, relatively slim build black-haired man who wears spectacles, a black suit with a white shirt underneath and a yellow tie.


Kakizaki appears to be completely obedient towards Higa, following every command he issues. He shows collected and calm behavior even in crisis situations like the attempted capture of Homura. He also displayes skills in manipulation shown when he threatened Uzume to do his biddings.


Kochō is his Sekirei, but he may have had others since he states to Mikogami that "he once also has been an Ashikabi"[1].


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