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Unknown Sekirei.jpg
Name Kaiha
Japanese Name 廻刃
Personal Information
Sekirei No unknown
Species Sekirei
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Higa Izumi
Norito Scissors of my pledge cut the root of evil off from my ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese None
English None
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A member of Higa Izumi's flock, this Sekirei made her appearance during the Ashikabi of the East's second attempted Jinki raid on Maison Izumo.[1]


She wears clothing similar to the robes of a miko consisting of a white haori and red hakama, along with dark-strapped sandals. Her purple hair is spiky and unkempt and her eyes are narrow and heavily shadowed, with one being covered by her hair, similar to Haihane's appearance.


Kaiha appears to be somewhat unhinged at first glance, repeatedly muttering under her breath at Homura for a good deal of time before completely losing her composure and attacking. She is bloodthirsty and eagerly attacks her opponent with the blatant aim of mutilating them before she lands a killing blow.

Abilities and Powers[]

Kaiha is a weapons type, fighting with a pair of curved and wickedly sharp scythe or scissor-like blades. She is additionally quite fast and nimble. As with all other Sekirei, her powers are boosted greatly and temporarily while using her Norito.


The incantation for Kaiha's Norito is[2]:

"Scissors of my pledge, cut the root of evil off from my Ashikabi!"


Nothing is known about her past yet, minus the standard details that apply to all Sekirei due to their involvement with MBI. At some point she met and was winged by her Ashikabi, Izumi Higa.


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