Name Kaho
Japanese Name 鹿火
Personal Information
Sekirei No 87

Age: 18

Species Sekirei, Naginata wielder
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Oosumi Orihiko
Norito This is the dance of my pledge, slash the calamities that befall my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese None
English None
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Kaho, Sekirei #87, first appeared during a flashback from Homura when he recollects his activities as Sekirei Guardian. She officially became known after witnessing the first match of the third stage with her Ashikabi.[1][2] Her name and number were revealed in the beginning of the 4th match.[3] Later in the match, she protects Minato and Kusano from other Ashikabi and Sekirei[4], and is later terminated by Karasuba, when the sword was thrust through her chest.[5]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Kaho has long black hair with a bow and brown eyes.She is seen wearing a Yukata with a tied bow around her waist.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Kaho appears to be a very serious person whose resolve is unwavering even in the heat of combat. As a Sekirei, she seems to have a strong warrior's sense of pride, seen when she scolds the Sekirei attacking Kusano and compliments others when they do not give up, even if they are at a clear disadvantage.[6][7]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Kaho is a weapon user, fighting with a Naginata; a long pole with a curved blade on the end.


(戦ノ舞咲く姫 Ikusa no Mai – Sakuhime ): Lit. "Battle Dance – Blossoming Princess"

(Tsuwamono no Mai - Hyakka): Lit. "Warrior Dance - Thousand Blossoms"

Norito[edit | edit source]

Further information: Norito

Basically, it's a form to use a large amount of power. Every Sekirei it's said to have it. The form to execute requires two steps:

  1. A kiss with their Ashikabi.
  2. A prayer.
  • Prayer:This is the dance of my pledge, slash the calamities that befall my Ashikabi! (我が誓約の舞 葦牙が厄 薙ぎ払わん, Waga seiyaku no mai ashikabi ga wazawai nagiharawan)[8]
Sekirei Sacred Dance: Lovers Dance (鶺鴒神楽.比翼ノ舞, Sekirei Kagura: "Hiyoku no Mai")[8] The user swings their katana, which, when crossed with the blade of another, creates an explosion of highly pressurized air.

History[edit | edit source]

During one of the invasions of Kamikura Island, Kaho and Musubi were kidnapped by an unspecified group. After they were rescued by the second generation Disciplinary Squad, both she and Musubi promised Yume that they would fight until one of them was the last one, as well as freeing all the Sekirei with "broken wings." Before being winged by Oosumi Orihiko, she was among the many Sekirei protected by Homura during his time as Sekirei Guardian. Once she survived the skirmish on board M.B.I.'s ship, Minato, Kaho boldly proclaimed to Karasuba that she would defeat her. [2][6]

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