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Jinki (神器, literally means "God Vessel") are mysterious artifacts originally possessed by and associated with Sekirei, they appear as a spherical bead encased in a crystalline shell engraved with a number.

Jinki No. 3


They are numbered from #1 to #8; each was on one of the 8 Sekirei spaceships.[1] Miya described them as items originating from the age of gods, for their possession Ashikabi and Sekirei incessantly have fought over in blood and sorrow.[2] She also mentions them as items with the power to control the life and death of Sekirei, items which can change an Ashikabi's destiny, and as items of a very small glimmer of hope.[3] If all eight of them are gathered together, it is possible to terminate all Sekirei[4] because the holder is able to connect directly to the Tama/Sekirei core; thus enabling an Ashikabi to turn the Tama on and off as he desires.[5] But because the Sekirei mated with their Ashikabi and passed on the Tama, the Jinki can also be used to affect their descendants, causing a human mass genocide.[6] The current generation of Sekirei were altered by MBI to reduce their strength by placing limiters within them; the Jinki have the power to remove these limiters. But not only would the Jinki remove the limits on a Sekirei's strength, removing the limiters also strengthens the dominant personality characteristic; for example, violent Sekirei would become more violent if the limiter is removed.[3]


Jinki as depicted in the anime

The Jinki can be used to link to the Tama and thus have an effect on both Ashikabi and Sekirei. There were various occasions when they recalled memories of the past caused by the Jinki. The most notable ones were when Minato recalled memories of Musubi/Yume[4] and when Tsukiumi saw Miya telling her to get strong when she still was a kid[7]. Yume explained once that the vision Minato had were memories carved into his genes.[4]

The Jinki were used by Minaka Hiroto as prizes for the Sekirei Plan matches of the third stage. Though Minaka is aware of the dangers the Jinki possess, he is willing to take the risk. He also states that "originally the rightful owner of the Jinki would have been there as well" meaning someone from the Izumo Inn[7] referring to Miya. Minaka has also called the Jinki "a weapon of the gods" and claims that if all of them are gathered "the age of the gods will be restored to this world".[8] During the third stage Minaka announced that the number of Jinki an Ashikabi possesses equals the chances he has in the later stages of the Sekirei Plan.[9]

Miya was able to use the Jinki to show Minato (via telepathy) the true history of the Sekireis from the time of their initial descent to Earth[10]. Minato's Sekireis were also able to join in the vision due to Miya's amplification of their telepathic link to Minato using the Jinki[11].

The first match of the fourth stage required all eight Jinki to be taken to specific locations on Kamikura Island and placed in correspondingly-numbered receptacles in order to counteract an effect that was harmful to Ashikabis[12].

List of Jinki[]

  • Jinki #1 was won in the first match of the third stage by Mikogami Hayato.[13]
  • Jinki #2 was won in the second match of the third stage by Takano Kouji; afterwards it was forcefully taken by Uzume and became the possession of Higa Izumi.[14][15]
  • Jinki #3 was won in the third match of the third stage by Sahashi Minato.[16]
  • Jinki #4 was in possession of Sanada Nishi, received in the 4th match of the third stage.[17]
  • Jinki #5 was in possession of Oosumi Orihiko[18], initially in possession of Sahashi Minato but dropped, received in the 4th match of the third stage.[19]
  • Jinki #6 was reserved by Minaka[20] and entrusted to Ichinomiya Natsuo at the end of the third stage.[18]
  • Jinki #7 was in the possession of Seo, received in the 4th match of the third stage.[18][21]
  • Jinki #8 was stolen by Matsu before the beginning of the Sekirei Plan and was thus in the possession of Sahashi Minato.[4]


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