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Izumo Inn and some of the inhabitants

Izumo Inn is where Minato, Musubi, Miya, Matsu, Uzume and Homura all live in the beginning of the series. It was owned by Asama Takehito, the husband of Miya. Because of Miya's presence at Izumo Inn, the northern sector of the city was not controlled by one of the three strongest Ashikabi[1] from elsewhere in Teito, and it appears that even MBI is not resorting to any offensive measures to attack the Inn in order to retrieve a stolen Jinki and arrest the offender, Matsu[2]. This is later revealed to be due in large part to a promise that Minaka made to Takehito minutes before his sacrifice and death: for his service to MBI and sacrifice, Miya was not to be involved in the Sekirei Plan unless she acted of her own accord, allowing her to essentially live as a normal human woman would be able to.[3] The monthly fee for rent is 50,000 yen per room with a size of 6 tatami (a flooring varying throughout Japan in size)[4]. The cards issued by MBI to released Sekirei (VIP treatment, with no upper limit) have been banned by Miya for reasons related to the incident mentioned above, and are the single payment method which is not accepted in Izumo Inn[5].


Izumo Inn 2nd Floor

Izumo Inn is a classic two level Japanese house with paper walls and tatami flooring, typical features of Japanese houses. The second floor predominantly consists of rooms for the inhabitants (Musubi, Matsu, Tsukiumi, Minato and Uzume have rooms with confirmed placements relative to one another, as well as numbers, it is assumed that Kazehana, Miya, Kusano, and Homura sleep and have their quarters on this floor as well). The kitchen, baths and connected changing area, and living room are all located on the first floor. There is at least one staircase connecting the two floors, and it is shown to lead from the Inn's foyer and front door up to the main hallway of the second floor, roughly halfway between Room #201 (Matsu's) and Room #202 (Minato's). The second floor also houses a small bathroom with a toilet, mirror, and sink. The Inn's backyard is decently spacious, featuring a garden which is greatly aided by Kusano's powers, enabling the faster than average growth of vegetables and flowers, and is commonly used for training, specifically sparring matches. The Inn's large roof is commonly frequented by Homura (for surveillance) and later Kazehana (for relaxation).



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