Name Ichiya
Japanese Name 壱哉
Personal Information
Sekirei No 18
Species Sekirei - Combat type.
Gender Female Female
Three Size
Ashikabi Higa Izumi
Norito Legs of my pledge crush everybody holding a grudge against my ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese Tomoko Nakamura
English Anastasia Munoz
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Ichiya is one of Higa Izumi's Sekirei.[1] She, alongside Toyotama, serves a role as one of Higa's bodyguards and heavies, executing jobs such as forcing Shiina and Yukari into Higa's service.[1]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Ichiya is a tall and curvy woman with olive skin and noticeably long legs and arms.[1] She wears a purple, yellow, and black outfit that is somewhat similar in design to a one piece swimsuit, and extremely formfitting, being held together by a metal ring roughly halfway between her breasts and belly button.[1] Portions of her breasts, arms, back, stomach, and thighs are exposed by the outfit's design.[1] Ichiya also wears simple black gloves and boots.[1] Her black hair is close cropped, being less than an inch long, and framing her skull closely, she also appears to have violet eyes.[1]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Ichiya appears to be extremely loyal to her Ashikabi, willingly roughing up Shiina on his orders in order to demoralize Yukari.[1] She is noticeably quiet and stoic, appearing to draw minimal pleasure from fighting or carrying out her other duties.[1][2] Usually, the most she tends to do in order to emote is offer up small frowns or smirks, quickly returning to her usual self soon after.[2][3] She has the capacity to be sarcastic and sardonic, mocking Benitsubasa after the Red Sekirei attempted to threaten Higa, Toyotama, and herself during the third match of the Third Stage.[4] She cared enough about Higa's terminated Sekirei to mention them as her motiavtion for defeating Tsukiumi as the two engaged each other.[5] She appeared to be quite knowledgeable on matters such as Sekirei alignments and the history of the Disciplinary Squad, and had the common sense to pull back instead of attacking Miya, albeit after a warning from Mutsu.[6][7] She is quite close with Toyotama, having trained with her prior to their release, and appeared distraught after seeing her body following the latter's fight against Musubi.[8] She, like most Sekirei, genuinely cares for and loves her Ashikabi, being eager to use her Norito to aid him, and blushing and closing her eyes upon kissing him.[9] Additionally, when facing down Kazehana and Homura, she was more worried for Higa's safety than her own.[10] She was quick to grow aggravated when Minato lectured Higa on the importance of valuing his Sekirei.[10]

Abilities and Powers[edit | edit source]

Ichiya is a hand-to-hand combat-type fighter, who predominantly fights utilizing her long legs to strike at her opponent with kicks. [1][6] She has immense strength, speed, stamina, and durability.[1][10][9][6][7]. She was able to fight in tandem effectively alongside Toyotama.[1] As with all other Sekirei, her Norito boosts her power.[9]


  • Legs of Light Whip: Rock Severing Scissors (Norito technique)


The incantation for Ichiya's norito is[9]:

Legs of my pledge, Crush everybody holding a grudge against my Ashikabi!

Major Battles[edit | edit source]

Ichiya and Toyotama vs. Shiina (won)

Ichiya and Toyotama vs. Tsukiumi and Musubi (interrupted/draw)

Ichiya vs. Kazehana (inconclusive)

Ichiya vs. Tsukiumi (inconclusive)

Ichiya vs. Homura and Kazehana (inconclusive)

Ichiya vs. Benitsubasa (multiple times, draw and interrupted)

Ichiya and Kaiha vs. Benitsubasa and Haihane (interrupted)

History[edit | edit source]

Nothing about Ichiya's past is known in detail, although it can be assumed that she was raised by MBI in much the same way as Tsukiumi, Musubi, and other Sekirei were, received tuning and training, and was released by MBI to participate in the Sekirei Plan. She is very close to her fellow Sekirei Toyotama, suggesting a possible history. At some point she met Higa and was winged by him.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Ichiya first appears during the Second Stage of the Sekirei Plan, when she ambushes Shiina and Yukari alongside Toyotama.[1] Waiting for Shiina's attention to be fully devoted to Toyotama, she suddenly appears behind him, landing a kick to his face that bloodies him and sends him flying, both Sekirei then restrain him.[1] Wanting to ensure her Sekirei's continued safety, Yukari submits to Higa, going with him to one of his company's buildings.[1]

Shortly thereafter, Ichiya is seen with Toyotama once more, escorting Shiina to and from his meeting with Higa, as well as to the room where Yukari is being held captive.[2]

Ichiya's next appearance comes during the third match of the Third Stage, in her master's "battle royale" three way match with Minato Sahashi and his Sekirei, and Natsuo Ichinomi and his Sekirei.[3] Due to the three Sekirei per Ashikabi limit, she is not allowed to participate, seeing as how Higa is already represented by Oriha, Oshino, and Kujou, although she arrives nonetheless alongside Toyotama after both Oshino and Kujou are terminated.[3] She has a verbal spat with Benitsubasa, and protects Higa from arrant attacks, but otherwise is a non-factor in the match, which Minato wins after Oriha is terminated and Natsuo retreats following the Disciplinary Squad being ordered to engage in a new mission.[4][11][12]

Ichiya and Toyotama reappear following Minato's successful rescue of Chiho from Higa's control, and are informed of the "intruders" by Kakizaki, although during and after Yukari's daring escape, she is not shown to have been tasked with stopping the two.[13]

During the final match of the Third Stage, which Minato elects to participate in, Ichiya, Toyotama, Kaiha, and Kaie launch another assault on Izumo Inn on their master's orders to retrieve Minato's two Jinki.[5] Ichiya fends off attacks from Tsukiumi and later Kazehana, including Tsukiumi's Water Arrow technique and Kazehana's Flower Whirlwind technique.[5][6] Spotting one of the two Jinki lying next to Miya, who is casually observing the fight from the inn's backyard deck, Ichiya decides to attack her, and take the Jinki by force.[6] However, the attack is parried by an irritated Mutsu, who informs Ichiya of who she is attacking, prompting Ichiya to remember the First Generation Disciplinary Squad, along with the fact that she is facing four of its five members should she choose to remain at the Inn.[7] She later retreats alongside Kaie, Kaiha, Kakizaki, and Higa after Toyotama is terminated by Musubi, having been saddened by said event.[8]

Ichiya makes a few fleeting appearances during the Fourth Stage, fighting Minato's party, as well as Benitsubasa, which is shown off-panel, and the invading forces. [10][9] She is aided by Higa in activating her Norito, however, she is incapacitated alongside all of the Sekirei and Ashikabi barring the two meant to fight Miya on Kouten as part of the Final Stage of the Plan.[14]

After Minato wins the Plan, and all Ashikabi and Sekirei recover and reactivate, she is seen a year later, escorting Higa and Kakizaki to a meeting alongside Toyotama.[15]

Anime and Manga Differences[edit | edit source]

  • In episode 10 of Sekirei: Pure Engagement (season 2), she fights together with Toyotama against Uzume, Tsukiumi, and Musubi, taking on Shi's role, while Toyotama takes on Sai's, Tsukiumi Kazehana's, and Musubi Homura's. However, minor differences occur, such as Toyotama not being terminated as Sai was, Ichiya not being terminated as Shi was, and Uzume taking a lethal blow for Musubi, not Minato.

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