Sekirei Wiki
Name Hibiki
Japanese Name
Personal Information
Sekirei No 12
Species Sekirei - Lightning
Gender Female Female
Height 166 cm
Weight 58 kg
Three Size B 79 / W 58 / H 90
Ashikabi Seo Kaoru
Norito We're the pledged thunderclap. No disaster will hit our Ashikabi.
Voice Actors
Japanese Michiko Neya
English Cherami Leigh
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Hibiki #12 is a very calm Sekirei of Seo Kaoru. She was adjusted by Asama Takehito[1]. She is the twin sister of Hikari. Both women have the power to manipulate lightning/electricity. In the first and second stages of the Sekirei Plan, Hibiki seeks to fight unwinged Sekirei together with Hikari. It is later stated by Homura that although she and her sister are "underdogs", they have more expertise in fighting than himself[1].

She is aware that Seo is not the most impressive of Ashikabi (which gives her and Hikari the reputation of being the Sekirei of the "Loser Ashikabi"), but they both like and are willing to defend him. They refuse to let Seo wing any other Sekirei by striking Seo with lighting[2]. Her name means "sound" literally or "thunder" allegorically.


Hibiki in her leisure outfit

Hibiki is tall with a slender build. She has long black hair that she wears in two ponytails and hazel eyes. Despite being Hikari's twin sister and looks exactly like her, the only physical difference between the two is that Hibiki's bust is significantly smaller.

In the anime Hibiki is wearing purple or pink suits (brighter ones in the manga). Minato called the sisters in the beginning of the series often as the "Onee chans with S&M clothes".


Hibiki is the absolute opposite of her twin-sister Hikari. She is calm, mature, and composed and often suffers from the short-tempered and immature attitude of her twin sister.

Abilities and Powers

She has the power of electricity. Her Norito is a rather unique one, cause she seems only be able to use it together with Hikari. The prayer "We're the pledged thunderclap. No disaster will hit our Ashikabi" causes a huge lightning strike[2].


  • Kaminari (God's song) norito move.
  • Karitachi No Ikachuzi (Thunder of standing needles)[3]


Nothing is known about her History except that Asama Takehito was her tuner[1].


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