Haihane Aoi Sekirei
Japanese Name 灰翅
Sekirei No 104
Height 169 cm
Weight 49 kg
Three size B 80 / W 56 / H 89
Gender female
Voice Actors
Seiyū Mitsuki Saiga
English Clarine Harp
Ashikabi Ichinomiya Natsuo
Norito Wire claws of my pledge tear apart the guards imprisoning my ashikabi
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Haihane (灰翅), also known as the "Blue Sekirei" (蒼い鶺鴒, Aoi Sekirei)[1] is a current member of MBI's Disciplinary Squad. After her fight with Tsukiumi during the Escape Arc, she maintained a rivalry with Tsukiumi for the remainder of the events covered in the series.



Haihane ready for battle on her first appearance in the anime

Haihane is a slender female Sekirei whose bandage-wrapped form is covered by a tattered dark kimono, disheveled grey hair, a studded choker, and narrow eyes; giving her a wicked, daunting appearance. Even though she appears dark or gothic, her personality is surprisingly upbeat and calm by contrast to Benitsubasa's compulsive attitude and combative nature.


Haihane is often prone to laughter, to the extent that it sometimes hurts her stomach. She enjoys teasing Benitsubasa about her lack of breasts[2] and futile efforts to attract their Ashikabi, Natsuo Ichinomi. Haihane also seems to be a absentminded at times, which can lead to self-injury; in the anime, after getting contact-drunk off of sake fumes, she stabbed herself twice in the head after forgetting she was still wearing claws[3]. Despite acknowledging Natsuo's homosexuality, Haihane does harbor some affection for her Ashikabi, as shown when he offered to use the Norito and she blushed and stuttered in response. As a member of the Disciplinary Squad, Haihane is expected to follow the orders of her Ashikabi and the rules of the Sekirei Game. However, she does possess a rebellious edge. During the battle on the bridge, she attacked Shigi Haruka during their attempted escape from the city, despite the rules stating that Sekirei are not to attack humans. Surprisingly, despite her fighting style and acrobatic skill, Haihane admits to being acrophobic (a fear of heights) which causes her legs to shake and constant sweating.[4] Like Benitsubasa, she has acquired a rivalry with one of Minato's Sekireis: the water-controlling Tsukiumi[5].

Abilities and Powers Edit

Haihane's abilities lie in her speed and weaponry. She wields a specialized pair of gauntlets that are armed with scythe-like, barbed-tipped claws, and metal bracers that shield her arms up to the elbow. These daunting, razor sharp weapons are strong enough to slice through metal. Aside from her weapons, Haihane is also aware of her surroundings and is able to use the environment to her advantage.


  • Zankaku no Tsume (斬獲ノ爪): Talons of Execution[6]
  • Shokei no Tsume (処刑ノ爪): Claws of Execution[5]

Major BattlesEdit


Nothing is known so far from Haihane's past.


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