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The Disciplinary Squad (懲罰部隊, Chōbatsu Butai) is an elite group of Sekirei under the control of MBI, utilized to hunt down and "discipline" all who oppose or try to escape from the Sekirei Plan[1]. It is indicated that this wasn't the purpose of the squad in earlier times[2].

The First Disciplinary Squad[]

First Generation

The first squad was formed when an army invaded Kamikura Island during the time when most of the Sekirei still were embryos and eggs. The Sekirei numbered 1 through 5 were adjusted by Asama Takehito and they easily defeated the international army while protecting all unborn Sekirei[3]. They disbanded for various reasons, Matsu fled after stealing Jinki #8, Miya left because of her husband's untimely passing, and Kazehana disappeared because of her feelings for Hiroto Minaka going unreciprocated. Mutsu was referred to as a Sekirei who was hard to control, and he too eventually parted ways with MBI[4]. This left Karasuba as the only original member still "loyal" to MBI.

Members of the First Disciplinary Squad[]

The Second Disciplinary Squad[]

Second Generation

Not much is known about the Second Disciplinary Squad, minus two confirmed members, and one important operation. In a flashback it is revealed that Karasuba and Yume were fighting in order to save Musubi when she was still a baby. In this incident Karasuba killed a huge amount of soldiers stating to Yume how weak they were, saying she only killed them because Yume was not there to stop her[5].

Members of the Second Disciplinary Squad[]

The Third Disciplinary Squad[]

Third Generation

This is the currently active formation, employed for Minaka's Sekirei Plan. They are known to be ruthless, even killing Ashikabi, which is a forbidden action for other Sekirei under the rules of the Plan. All three possess a sadistic streak, enjoying their bloody work, and largely work under MBI out of self-interest (Karasuba for the purpose of her longterm aim to win the Sekirei Plan, defend her ideology against Musubi and Yume's, and destroy humanity, Benitsubasa to remain close to Natsuo, and Haihane for creature comforts such as access to her favourite TV shows). While officially following orders from MBI, such as hunting down escaping Sekirei and Ashikabi, the three Sekirei demonstrate that they are difficult to control, and will take action even if unauthorized to do so, Karasuba most often demonstrating this defiance. Past members of the Squad, such as Yume, express surprise and disgust at these new missions and tendencies openly[2]. All three Sekirei members were winged by Natsuo, an Ashikabi and MBI employee. Besides their missions, they generally play the same role as any other Ashikabi and their Sekirei, and they are active participants in the Sekirei Plan, with self-guided actions such as Karasuba's rampages against other Sekirei justified under this technicality.

Members of the Third Disciplinary Squad[]


While the term "Fourth Generation Disciplinary Squad" is never officially used, such a team is formed in the aftermath of the Sekirei Plan, consisting of Natsuo, Benitsubasa, and Haihane, along with Kaho and Oosumi. The team is formed by Minato to return to the Squad's benevolent roots of protecting the interests of all Sekirei and Ashikabi.


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