Volume 1[edit | edit source]

Volume Chapter Title Arc Publication date Summary
Volume 1
Sekirei vol1.jpg
Chapter i
Sekirei 2005-06-25 Failing twice to enter Tokyo University, Minato meets Musubi on his way home. She literally falls for him. From the sky. Chased by other Sekirei she needs to find her Ashikabi before being prematurely terminated from the 'Sekirei Plan, a MBI sponsored 'game' taking place in Tokyo.
Chapter ii
Feathers of Light summary here
Chapter iii
Burning City summary here
Chapter 001
Sekirei Vol01 c001.jpg
Girl Under the Moonlight summary here
Chapter 002
Sekirei Vol01 c002.jpg
The Doors to a New House summary here
Chapter 003
Sekirei Vol01 c003.jpg
The Doors to a New House summary here
Chapter 004
The Green Girl summary here
Chapter 005
Inside the Dream summary here
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