Sekirei manga chapter 082
Sekirei Manga Chapter 82
Japanese Title 想フ君遠クニ在リテ
Romanized Title Omofu kimi tōku ni arite
English Title The You I Think of is Somewhere Far Away
Number 9
Release Date December 25, 2009
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 81
Chapter 83

The 82nd chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


Higa tells Shiina that he can never make Yukari happy, since he is a Sekirei and she is human. Shiina then is allowed to visit Yukari; he finds her wearing a wedding dress (apparently a size too small) provided by Higa. When Yukari reflexively rejects his suddenly glomping her, he mistakes it as her actually rejecting him as Higa had foretold. Elsewhere, Mikogami questions Mutsu about the Jinki; Minato and Musubi are returning from a shopping trip, but a shadowy figure is following them.


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