Sekirei manga chapter 020
Sekirei Manga Chapter 20
Japanese Title 水ノ鶺鴒
Romanized Title Mizu no sekirei
English Title The Water Sekirei
Number 3
Release Date May 25, 2006
Chapter Chronology
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Chapter 21

The 20th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin and serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


The next day (after waking up covered in Sekireis again) Minato tells Matsu about his having had a nightmare. Meanwhile Tsukiumi fights against Hikari and Hibiki who are still trying to get unwinged Sekirei out of the game; but Tsukiumi overpowers them quickly and they run away. Miya continues Musubi's training, while Matsu searches for Sekireis matching the description Minato gives of the woman from his nightmare who threatened to kill him. Matsu explains that Sekireis have telepathic ability, especially with Ashikabis; and the stronger an Ashikabi gets (due to winging multiple Sekireis) the more likely a strong Sekirei will establish an unconscious telepathic link with them. In Minato's case, the fact he dreamed about a Sekirei means she most likely has started to react to him. Matsu narrows it down to Tsukiumi, a very powerful Sekirei; but she is infamous for hating Ashikabis. After being reassured by Musubi (who has returned from training), Minato decides to search for Tsukiumi even though it will be dangerous for him.


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