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Sekirei Manga Chapter 2
Japanese Title 新屋ノ扉
Romanized Title Shin Oku no Tobira
English Title The Door To The New House
Number 01
Release Date June 25, 2005
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The second chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin and serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Having nowhere to go, Minato's fate brings him to Izumo Inn, an open house where he and Musubi can finally find shelter. They meet Miya, the landlady, and Kagari and Uzume.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Minato and Musubi fall in the garden of a house. Just as he decides to leave, Minato has nosebleed after seeing Musubi's ripped clothes which revealed her breasts. The landlady asks them to come in and rest, where Kagari treats Minato's wound. Minato recognizes him as a member of Yasaka's host club whom he met earlier. Kagari asks Minato about how he got in the garden, to which Minato replies a gust of wind blew him there. Upon seeing a suspicious Kagari, Minato is both shocked and relieved when Musubi arrives dressed in a beautiful Kimono which she borrowed from the landlady. The landlady, named Miya, tells Minato that she likes helping people just like her husband did. Minato thinks if she is referring to Kagari, but is told that her husband is dead. Suddenly, a girl named Uzume arrives, which makes Minato have nosebleed again because her clothes were too revealing. Minato and Musubi decide to leave, but outside the house, they see a board "Open House At Izumo Inn". Minato rushes back, and asks Miya if he can stay there, and is welcomed by her as she states that her husband never turned anyone away. Musubi happily hugs Minato. Kagari asks Miya if it alright to let them stay, and is told that Minato and Musubi are connected with them and it must be the guidance of gods. As Miya lets them in, Kagari notices that the rain suddenly stopped and the clouds look torn, wondering who was responsible.

While Minato and Musubi are resting inside, Minato's Mom calls up and yells at him after finding out that he moved. She even decides to reduce his allowance, which comes as a shock to Minato. Even though his problems are piling up, Minato decides to stay strong and apologizes to Musubi for thinking of giving up. In return, Musubi kisses him and asks if he dislikes her. Minato denies, and smiling, Musubi hugs him. She lies down with Minato on top of her, but much to his surprise, she already fell asleep. Minato hears her mumbling his name, smiles and covers her with a blanket and sleeps beside her, thinking that he is going to work harder.

After giving thanks to the landlord, Minato and Musubi decide to head to their new home. Musubi manages to carry all of Minato's belongings on her back which surprises him. She explains that they have a power contract. She also tells him that different sekireis have different incantations which are chanted before using a big power. Before Minato could ask anything else, they arrive at the Inn.

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