Sekirei Manga Chapter 181
Number 18
Release Date October 25, 2015
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 180
Chapter 182

The 181st chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The battle at Kouten has begun as Musubi goes toe-to-toe with No.00. As Musubi realizes she might not have learned enough from Miya, Minato steps up to encourage her.

Summary[edit | edit source]

As No.00 and Musubi battle it out, Miya strikes with her signature move. Cheerfully Musubi realizes exactly how strong her opponent really is after being thrown back with her clothes in tatters.

No.00 briefly mentions to the pair that while they they are the first two to climb so far, she speaks about previous Sekirei Plans taking place and how each Sekirei and Ashikabi before climbing for whatever desire, for the Jinki, and for Kouten on how 'we' tore all their plans apart. 'We' being the Administrator of Kouten and No.00 the ruler of the Sekirei.

No.00 then encourages Musubi to fight on lest their training sessions having been a waste. While Musubi prepares herself once more for battle Miya reflects on the will and desires of Takehito, and what she herself is attempting to accomplish.

Musubi then encourages Miya to fight seriously due to her own strength, for which she has the Landlady to thank for.

Both renew their battle as Miya instructs Musubi on how she can see through the girl's attacks as she displays the strength she possesses as No.00, informing her combatant she has been fighting seriously all along.

Minato reachs Musubi's side concerned for his partner as Musubi once again reflects on the amazing seriousness of her opponent No.00. Minato while feeling the fear within him speaks words of encouragement and faith. Finding the strength in Minato's words to continue she takes a kiss from him, and smiling as she gives her head a knock(for stealing a kiss), she begins to fight anew while Minato seems to hear voices of his other Sekirei complaining about Musubi being a cheater.

As Musubi attacks, Miya informs once again she can see through the Sekirei's attacks but is suddenly shocked as Musubi strikes with 'Kuma-ki' but is suddenly hit with Tsukiumi's 'Mizu Iwai', Kazehana's 'Kana Senpy' which are suddenly followed up with by Homura's 'Ja En' and then suddenly a plant thrusts up through the ground of Kouten to grab at Miya's sword. She finds herself suddenly struck with Musubi's 'Kuma-Kick'.

Surprised, Miya looks closer at her opponent and realizes that Musubi and Minato are not alone.

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