Sekirei Manga Chapter 169
Japanese Title 光ノ羽持ツ者達
Romanized Title Hikari no hane ji tsu-sha-tachi
English Title Those With Wings of Light
Number 17
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 168
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The 169th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


Minato asks Homura to perform his Norito, in order to demonstrate a Sekirei's true power to the invaders. After reflecting on the evolution of his relationship with Minato, Homura obliges. As he begins to unleash his power, everyone nearby quickly retreats to a safe distance.

Mutsu, carrying Mikogami to safety, is impressed by this demonstration of Minato's power as an Ashikabi; he explains to Mikogami that while Takehito had once hypothesized that an Ashikabi with multiple Sekireis might grow in power, perhaps even forming an "Ashikabi core" analogous to the Sekirei core and empowering their Sekireis to levels comparable to the unregulated Sekireis of long ago, he also had stated that not all Ashikabis were able to form the close bonds required to elicit this response. In light of that, Minaka's creation of the Sekirei Plan could be seen as his assuming the role of one of the gods of the oldest Japanese myths. Mutsu has become convinced that this hypothesis is in fact the truth after witnessing the actions of Minato's Sekireis; and he saw evidence of the "Ashikabi core" in Mikogami when he winged Akitsu. Mutsu states that this proves that Mikogami is the master of his Sekireis; but Mikogami strongly disagrees, considering them all to be comrades.

Returning to the battle with the invaders, Sanada, Mikogami, and Minato have a quick meeting to plan strategy. Sanada and Mikogami want Minato to help them recover their fallen Sekireis, as the retreating soldiers appear to be heading in that direction. Matsu interrupts, saying this is the time for Kusano to unleash her Norito; she believes Mutsu's explanation of Ashikabi/Sekirei synergy is correct, and that Kusano's power being paired with Shiina's means it is likely she can affect non-vegetation just as Shiina can. She says it's worth a shot; and Kusano is certainly motivated to try. Minato agrees, over the objections of the other Ashikabis.


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