Sekirei Manga Chapter 161
Sekirei Manga Chapter 161
Japanese Title アナタノマエニタツノハ
Romanized Title Anata no Maeni Tatsuno Ha
English Title Standing Before You now is...
Number 16
Release Date June 25, 2014
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 160
Chapter 162

The 161st chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix


Karasuba and Musubi rush towards each other to begin their long-awaited battle.  Musubi demands that Karasuba recognize that it is Musubi, not Yume, who stands before her now; but Karasuba seemingly can't accept this reality and continues to imagine herself facing Yume.  Tsukiumi attempts to intervene after Karasuba lands a slicing attack across Musubi's front; but she is restrained by Minato who implores her to respect Musubi's wish to fight Karasuba one-on-one even if it means putting her life in danger.  This interplay attracts the attention of Haihane, who switches from menacing Higa's team to renew her grudge fight with Tsukiumi.  Higa contacts Kakizaki and requests that he fire the MBI satellite's laser again, even though its accuracy is degraded and it might hit him as well as the intended targets.


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