Sekirei Manga Chapter 142
Japanese Title 八人目ノ葦牙
Romanized Title Hachi-Nin-me no Ashikabi
English Title The Eighth Ashikabi
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The 142nd chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


Minaka explains that the Jinki can be used to nullify the effect that is killing the Ashikabis; each Jinki must be placed in a receptacle at a correspondingly-numbered location on Kamikura Island. It must be done by an Ashikabi, however; which presents a problem because there are 8 Jinkis but only 7 Ashikabis. Minato has 2 Jinkis, numbered 3 and 8; but their receptacles are on opposite sides of the island, and given that the Ashikabis only have 5 minutes left to live there is not enough time for him to go to both locations. Minaka has the solution: he is also an Ashikabi, so he can take one of them (and he selects Jinki No. 8, since that is the one Matsu stole). He asks Musubi to carry him to location 8, with Tsukiumi and Matsu tagging along; Minato heads to location 3 with Homura, Kazehana, and Kusano, and the others head to their designated locations as well. The Jinkis are finally all placed just in time, and the Ashikabis are saved; but when Musubi turns to announce that she will be returning to Minato, Minaka says none of them will be allowed to leave.


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