Sekirei Manga Chapter 123
Japanese Title 乱戦ノ船上
Romanized Title Ransenno senjō
English Title Melee Fight on Board a Ship
Number 13
Release Date July 25, 2012
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 122
Chapter 124

The 123rd chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


Kusano senses something calling to her; she tracks it down and discovers it's a hidden Jinki, the second of the three on board to be found. Unfortunately she and Minato then fall out of the crawlspace and land in the midst of the Ashikabis and Sekireis searching for them. Seo, Hikari and Hibiki are too far away to help, but at the last minute Kaho appears and defends them.


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