Sekirei manga chapter 119
Sekirei Manga Chapter 119
Japanese Title 混沌ノ蛩音
Romanized Title Konton no Kyōon
English Title Chaotic Footsteps
Number 12
Release Date October 25, 2011
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 118
Chapter 120

The 119th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


Minato, Seo and Sanada agree to cooperate in the fourth match. Later the Ashikabis selected for the next match and their Sekireis gather at MBI's naval terminal; the Ashikabis receive special electronic boarding passes and board a luxurious cruise ship called "The Minaka". After the departure of the cruise ship Minaka announces the beginning of the fourth match, which will be the final battle of the Sekirei Plan's third stage.


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