Sekirei manga chapter 114
Sekirei Manga Chapter 114
Japanese Title 奇魂ノ行方
Romanized Title Kushimitama no yukue
English Title The Location of the Kushimitama
Number 12
Release Date October 25, 2011
Chapter Chronology
Chapter 113
Chapter 115

The 114th chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


A massive battle occurs in ancient times. Sekireis fight human warriors and other Sekireis. Miya describes how the Ashikabis fought over the Jinki, but they were never able to gather them all together. Eventually the Jinki were lost, buried with their Ashikabi possessors. The Sekireis who survived the battles became the ancestors of the Ashikabis of the modern era, and their genes were spread throughout the human race. Thus the Jinki if all gathered together could not only control all Sekireis, they could be used to commit genocide of humans.


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