This page names areas of the Sekirei Wiki which are in desperate need of contributors/help to bring them in good shape. If you like Sekirei and the work done in this wiki please consider to give us a hand.

Top 4 Wishlist:

  • Sahashi Minato: Most text of the plot synopsis isn't proofed properly with references.
  • The Article Stubs: We still have a few stubs left. It is mainly minor work like describing their appearance or write a short description about the personality of the character in question.
  • All of the Sahashi Minato's Sekirei: They play a major role in the main plot and the articles describing them should be in good shape at all times. But many of them lack proper descriptions, a plot synopsis and references.
  • The Manga chapter pages: We still need from chapter 39 up the short synopsis. If you have time please add a few sentences there about whats happening in the chapter.

And last but not least, have fun helping out here. The above list is by no means a work on only listing.

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