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Anime Season 1 Episode 3
Japanese 緑ノ少女
Rōmaji Midori no Shōjo
English The Green Girl
Number Episode 3
Season One
Airdate July 16, 2008
Episode Chronology
Episode 2
Episode 4

The third episode of the Anime first season based on the Sekirei Manga serialized in Square Enix's Young Gangan, directed by Keizō Kusakawa and animated by Seven Arcs studios.

Short Synopsis[]

Minato takes a job at a local construction site where he meets another Ashikabi, Seo Kaoru. With Seo's help, Minato infiltrates a nearby botanical garden, drawn by visions of a young Sekirei girl named Kusano, after Seo and his Sekireis eliminate a MBI roadblock in front of the garden. Musubi soon arrives and with her help, Minato rescues Kusano, who later makes Minato her Ashikabi.

Detailed Synopsis[]

Introduced Characters[]

Seo Kaoru

Anime and Manga differences[]