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Akitsu winged
Name Akitsu
Japanese Name 秋津
Personal Information
Sekirei No 7 (Former Scrapped)
Species Sekirei Female - Ice Manipulation
Gender Female Female
Height 169 cm
Weight 47 kg
Three Size B 89 / W 57 / H 88
Ashikabi Mikogami Hayato
Norito This is the ice of my pledge. Shatter the misfortunes of my Ashikabi!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yu Kobayashi
English Jenny Jaffe
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Akitsu is a formerly unpartnered Sekirei, referred to by Homura as a 'Scrap(ped) Number'. During her adjustments, an incompetent MBI scientist who overestimated himself caused her to be winged preterm.[1] Due to this incident, she is unable to be winged by an Ashikabi, rendering her incapable of using a Norito. Despite this, Akitsu is still a very strong competitor, allowing her to fight on par with Sekirei like Homura with relative ease. She considers Mikogami Hayato her Ashikabi, because he took her in after she fled from MBI and she fears being thrown away again[2]. Her name (aki+tsu) means "autumn port".

During the Fourth Stage battles on Kamikura Island Mikogami is finally able trigger her emergence or winging.[3] Her emergence is short lived however as she "self-terminated" by using her fully powered and unrestricted Norito to protect her Ashikabi and his other Sekirei.[3] She is revived shortly afterward by Kusano's Norito[4].


Akitsu 1a


 Akitsu has short, light brown hair and her face is kept in a blank, depressed expression. Her clothes consist of a top that was a white shirt with long, flowing sleeves in a similar make to a kimono, but that was where the similarities ended. The cut out for her head was lined with black fabric and was larger then the standard cutout for her head, it was wider, allowing some of Akitsu's shoulders to be seen and then going down in a very low V cut that showed off nearly a third of her breasts and stopped at her upper stomach. A black obi with a bow in the front held the shirt tightly against her body. She had chains in her ensemble, which was used to bind her clothes together above her breasts, while the other set looped around her neck and then went down between her cleavage.

The most noticeable thing about Akitsu is the crimson Sekirei mark adorning her forehead instead of her back which signifies her status as an unwingable individual[2].



Matching her power, Akitsu has a very cold and melancholic personality. She is a woman of few words, and when she does speak, it is usually in a neutral tone. She appears to be very polite, formal, and blunt, and will follow her master's orders without hesitation, which can cause her to come across as ruthless and uncaring. Despite her strong sense of duty and fervor, Akitsu does have her moments of forgetfulness. In one instance, Akitsu entered a battle without wearing her panties; it was first assumed she was ordered to do so by Hayato Mikogami, but it was revealed that it was actually due to a case of absent-mindedness[5]. She also stated she was envious of Homura because, at the time, it was still possible for the other Sekirei to be winged and thus have an Ashikabi, something she thought she could never achieve.

Akitsu also seems to posses some knowledge on subjects like the first generation Disciplinary Squad.[6].

She can be quite emotive when she wants to be, describing the shift as her "ice melting", blushing, crying, and eagerly kissing her Ashikabi Hayato Mikogami, as well as professing her love for him, and a strong desire to always be able to be with him and protect him, when she was about to emerge, emerging, and about to go off to fight post-emergence.[3]

Abilities and Powers


Akitsu fighting Homura

Akitsu has the power of ice manipulation. In the few times she has fought, she displays the skill of near-instantly freezing targets within her field of vision, such as Homura's leg. Akitsu is also able to shoot ice projectiles of varying sizes and shapes (predominantly jagged icicles) at her opponents, aiming to pierce them from afar. She is also vary fast and agile, has high stamina, and is passably durable.

She is also good at judging her opponent's strength/power. When No. 4 Karasuba appeared after Akitsu fought Homura in her pursuit of No. 107 Shiina, she immediately knew that she was too strong for her and retreated[7]. Homura has the theory that the reason for "scrapping" Akitsu is her massive strength, as a person possessing such power would be extremely dangerous. By preventing her from being winged, her abilities are limited and she allegedly could never gain the Norito and unlock her true potential[5]. It is confirmed that Akitsu was the former Sekirei No. 07, making her a Single Number. She can fight the likes of Homura equally, but more often than not their fights end in a stalemate, as fire and ice have a strong antithetical relationship with each other.


  • Tsurara Fubuki ("Icicle Snow Storm")
  • Sakasa Tsurara ("Reverse Icicle")
  • Tobi Tsurara ("Flying Icicle")


Further information: Norito

Basically, it's an power-boosting ability. Every Sekirei is said to have the capability to use it. The proper form used to execute Norito requires two steps:

  1. A kiss with their Ashikabi.
  2. A prayer.
  • Prayer: This is the ice of my pledge. Shatter the misfortunes of my Ashikabi! (我が誓約の氷葦牙が泱禍凍波せん, Waga seiyaku no kōri ashikabi ga ouka touhasen!)[8]
Ice Erosion (氷蝕, Hishoku)[8]

Major Battles

Akitsu vs. Homura (numerous times, draw/inconclusive or interrupted)

Akitsu and Mitsuha vs. Homura (interrupted)

Akitsu vs. Uzume (interrupted)

Akitsu and Taki vs. Homura (inconclusive)

Akitsu vs. Hatae, Yuna, and Chiyo (won)


Sekirei-02 10i

Akitsu's first appearance

Akitsu's past is notably tragic, in that she was the victim of failed adjustment procedures from an arrogant tuner at MBI and her status as a 'scrap number' was issued by Takami Sahashi. Irate from being fired by the lead scientist, along with the rest of his division, the man tried taking his frustration out on Akitsu. However, the former No. 7 defended herself and quickly escaped from MBI's labs. Afterwards she was found and accepted by Hayato Mikogami who she now considers her Ashikabi.[1]

When Homura questioned Takami regarding Akitsu's background, Takami responded that she had no idea about the Sekirei's allowed involvement in the Plan, and had assumed it to be one of Minaka's bad jokes.[9]

In the memories of the past displayed by Miya to Minato using the power of the Jinki, a Sekirei similar in appearance to Akitsu seemed to have the same Ashikabi as Sekirei who resembled Minato's.[10]


Akitsu first appears sitting alone on a park bench during the Plan's First Stage, bloodied and battered, wearing very little to cover herself, and generally appearing despondent.[11] She is then approached by an unknown boy, who is later revealed to be Hayato Mikogami, Mikogami promptly offers her a place with him amongst his Sekirei.[11]

Akitsu later appears accompanying Yomi on a mission from Mikogami to retrieve Kusano from the arboretum.[2] The two run into Homura, and as the "Sekirei Guardian" becomes aware of Mikogami's rationale for wanting Kusano to be his Sekirei, he disgustedly announces that he won't let anyone with such a callous way of treating Sekirei wing Kusano.[2] As Homura charges Yomi, Akitsu steps in to fight him, allowing Yomi to jump over the two and into the arboretum, and Homura is quickly made aware of the Sekirei symbol on Akitsu's forehead, as well as her ability to manipulate ice.[2] Akitsu announces that she is fighting in order to accomplish Mikogami's will, and thus avoid being "thrown away" once again.[2] Akitsu inquires about Homura possibly having a cold after Musubi encounters the two, telling him to "take care of that cold now", leading to a humorous exchange.[2] After Mikogami arrives in his limousine, he informs Akitsu of Yomi's termination, and she retreats, leaving with him.[12]

Akitsu remerges accompanying Mitsuha on patrol, seemingly looking for other possible unwinged Sekirei to capture, and the two soon encounter a wandering Shiina as he meets Yukari, the two attempt to take him, but are thwarted by Homura.[13] The two temporarily overwhelm him, with Mitsuha binding him while Akitsu freezes him, but their combination is thwarted by Homura's flames shortly after, and Hibiki and Hikari's arrival further complicates matters, forcing the two to pull back.[14]

During the Second Stage, Akitsu and Mitsuha are patrolling once again when they encounter Karasuba, who leaves her Ashikabi, Natsuo, in order to initiate a fight with the duo.[7] Mitsuha cockily accepts, questioning who Karasuba, or the "Black Sekirei" is after Akitsu warns her not to accept the fight, and if she's really as tough as she claims to be, before charging, Karasuba dismissing her as being cocky and having no brains.[7] After seeing Mitsuha cut down with no effort on Karasuba's part, Akitsu ignores Karasuba's challenge to her, and flees.[7]

During the Second Stage, Akitsu is one of the Sekirei sent by Mikogami to capture Homura after the text sent to all Ashikabi by Minaka regarding the aforementioned Sekirei.[15] The two engage each other in yet another fight, after Akitsu cuts Homura off in his mad dash to reach Minaka and kill him, explaining that she is once again only fighting to please her Ashikabi.[15] Homura claims that this time, the third that they're fought, will be the last, and that he'll end it, clashing with Akitsu, which results in a large explosion.[15] The two trade attacks again and again, leading to a chorus of large explosions, with Homura noting that Akitsu's insane strength must be the reason for MBI's scientists "scrapping" her.[5] Homura asks Akitsu why she decided to attempt to bond with an Ashikabi despite her condition, and she chooses not to answer.[5] Akitsu is then berated by Homura for not wearing panties as the wind blows her dress up, and Mikogami is criticized by Mutsu as the two watch the fight, thinking he asked her not to wear them, which Mikogami vehemently denies.[5] Akitsu slowly realizes her condition, quietly commenting that she forgot to put some on before going out, which further annoys Homura.[5] The two are then interrupted by Uzume.[5] Uzume attacks Homura, wrapping him up in her veil, but is interrupted by Akitsu reinserting herself in the fight, asserting that Homura is her "prey", before attacking Uzume.[16] The two clash until Mutsu informs Akitsu of Mikogami's decision to retreat.[16] Before she leaves, Akitsu explains to Homura that she believes that Ashikabi do not become a Sekirei's master simply due to their status, but require a Sekirei's approval and love as well, noting that Mikogami valued and needed her, as well as provided for her, overriding any need for him to have properly winged her.[16] She notes that she is envious of Homura for being able to be winged by an Ashikabi, and then departs.[5]

After the third match of the Third Stage, Uzume, on Izumi Higa's orders, attacks Minato moments after his group triumphs and is awarded a Jinki, in order to steal it.[17] Shortly thereafter, a fuming Mikogami arrives on the scene with Akitsu and Mutsu, noting that he can't tolerate people who don't follow the rules.[17] Mikogami asks if Uzume wants to risk fighting his Sekirei and Minato's at the same time, and she elects to flee.[6] Mikogami and Minato engage in a tense conversation, which later involves their Sekirei, Akitsu's sole comment being that she's heard about the Disciplinary Squad's exploits before.[6] Akitsu idles as Mikogami tells Minato that he's different from Higa, and looks forward to fighting him fair and square in the future, before leaving with her and Mutsu.[6]

During the Fourth Stage held on Kamikura Island, Mikogami is matched up against Sanada.[18] Akitsu steps in front of an attack meant for Himeko and Mikogami, using her Reverse Icicle technique to repel the trio of Hatae, Yuna, and Chiyo (who had picked apart Mikogami's party, terminating Mitsuki, Juusa, Momo, and Taki) and then her Flying Icicle technique to counter Yuna, the three then prepare to fight Akitsu 3 on 1 while glowering at her.[18] Akitsu tells Himeko that she'll deal with the trio, and to focus on protecting Mikogami.[18] Akitsu proclaims that she'll defeat the trio for Mikogami's sake, to repay him and show her care for him.[18] She holds off attacks from Hatae and Yuna, but Chiyo successfully injures her, causing her to fall.[19] Akitsu is later led to recall her abusive tuner, and several past interactions with Mikogami, including meeting him, seeing him following Yomi's termination, and seeing him following Mitsuha's termination.[19] She notes that he does care for his Sekirei despite what he may show, and states that she finds him to be honest in his emotions, "free of lies and pomposity."[19] Akitsu then listens to Mikogami's speech on human nature, as well as how he came to value his Sekirei for how they unconditionally accept him for who he is, the speech causes Akitsu to profess that she'll fight at his side until the end.[19] Akitsu stays with Mikogami as Mutsu and Himeko fight off Sanada's Sekirei, the Sekirei Crest on her forehead vanishing as she breaks down into tears, commenting on the warmth entering her body from being near Mikogami.[20] She professes that she wants to be winged by and marry Mikogami, something she never thought she was worthy of due to her past, the two then share a kiss, and Akitsu's wings emerge.[20] Akitsu smiles at her Ashikabi with mixed emotions, both sad and happy, as she tells him that she loves him, and to take care, before going off to fight once more.[20] Akitsu executes her prayer, and Hatae, along with the others, begs Sanada to kiss them and activate theirs, while Mikogami, Mutsu, and Himeko flee the area.[21] As Akitsu uses her Ice Erosion technique, Sanada warns the three to run, although Hatae is the only one to properly hear him, the three are then frozen solid and seemingly terminated, although emerging and using her Norito terminates Akitsu due to her unique circumstances.[21] Akitsu is later revived after Kusano uses her Norito, leading to an emotional reunion with her Ashikabi and his other Sekirei.[4] After the incapicatation of the Ashikabi, she begs Musubi and Minato to do what they can to help Mikogami.[22] She is later incapacitated alongside all of the Sekirei and Ashikabi barring the two (Musubi and Minato) meant to fight Miya on Kouten as part of the Final Stage of the Plan.[23]

She is briefly shown in Minato's memories of the immediate aftermath of the Sekirei Plan's conclusion.[24]

Akitsu is implied to be traveling the globe alongside Mikogami and his other Sekirei one year after the Plan's conclusion, as part of his quest to better understand Sekirei.[25]

Anime and Manga Differences

In Season 2 of the anime, Akitsu and Taki briefly fight Homura in an anime-only sequence of events.


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