Sekirei Manga Chapter 182
Number 18
Release Date October 25, 2015
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The 182nd chapter of Sekirei by Sakurako Gokurakuin, serialized in the seinen manga magazine Young Gangan published by Square Enix.


The battle of Kouten comes to a close as No.00 and Minato realize that Musubi has the others beside her.


No.00 and Minato both realize that beside Musubi, Minato's other Sekirei are standing in spirit.

Musubi has somehow brought them along for help, whom she thanks for helping her bring Minato this far. Questioned, she is asked if she admits defeat which Musubi denies. She does admit defeat on other fronts, notably laundry and cooking.

Musubi declares her intent that it's time for No.00 to retire and return to that place she belongs.

No.00 notes that Kouten has accepted "the possibility" of Musubi winning and that she has been acknowledged by the deciding rule. "One Ashikabi and one bird to climb here", even though it's almost cheating.

Musubi grasps her fist tightly as thy close for battle onc more, where Musubi gives a new Norito.

"Fist of my Pledge deliver it the wish of my Ashikabi and the wish of Sekirei into the heavens" as the pair lock in battle which culminates in a huge explosion, one which rocks Kouten itself, shocking everyone in the vicinity who are conscious.

Miya recalls being brought to Maison Izumo by Takehito. The dust clears as Minato worries for both the opponent and Musubi, the looser is clearly revealed. Laying defeated is No.00.

Musubi states that it's alright, that she's only terminated and isn't the same as death. She also states that with this, Kouten is now hers. Musubi has a complete set of wings.

Asking now for Minato's wish which is to be granted he reaffirms their agreed wish, however there is more. He wants her to hear him out. His wish is for all of them to be together from now on, but realizes this isn't something that can be granted as it's something which must be worked on.

Musubi, extremely pleased, disappoints Minato by telling him she is happy but that it's no good.

Musubi states that Kouten would usually be fine, with the two of them, but she has both an Ashikabi core as well as a Sekirei's core, and that she will be fine.

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