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• 6/3/2015

lastest Sekirei chapters

They have all the lastest chapters here the latest being chapter 182

Too bad I can't read japanese.

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• 6/4/2015

Yep, same here.  Just from looking at the images though it looks very interesting.

The A-Team scanlation team has apparently not gotten the translations they were hoping to get.  So we just have to wait until a translator is found.

• 6/4/2015

Couldidn't someone from manga panda or manga stream translate it? 

I was also wondering if Miya has the same thing as Musubi in which she has the tama of a another sekrei in her. sence they call her number00 while on koten.

• 6/5/2015

I don't know what those are (manga panda or manga stream).  I guess anyone could translate it.  I'm just passing along what I read on the forums.

Number 00 may not be the same physical person as Number 01 Miya from Maison Izumo.  Remember that 01 Miya talked about being one of "8 pillars of me," i.e. there was one of "her" in each of the 8 ships that originally departed from Kouten.  Also as far as we know 01 Miya is still back at Maison Izumo, while 00 is clearly present on Kouten.  I guess it's not impossible that they are the same physical entity, but I don't think it's likely.  I think it's more likely that they are genetically identical copies or clones; perhaps 00 is the "original" that all the 01 "pillars" on the 8 ships were cloned from.  That would go some way toward explaining how Izumo Inn's 01 Miya (whose ship crashed in the ocean and was lost for 1000 years) could access memories of the young 01 who was on the ship that crash-landed in Japan; if they are all telepathically linked then 00 could have passed along the memories to 01 Miya when Kamikura Island finally emerged and she was awakened.

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