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• 9/24/2018

Sanada's sekirei

I noticed that Sanada's 3 sekirei Chiyo(14), Yuna(17) and Hatae(20) don't have their noritos listed. Even though we did find out their norito.
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• 7/7/2018

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• 7/26/2017

Yen Press Sekirei Volume 1 paperback released

Got my copy today...It’s gigantic, and covers the three-part "prequel" and on through Chapter 16.
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• 7/18/2017

sekirei 3 season when ?

sekirei 3 season when ?
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• 3/27/2017

Sekirei manga apparently to resume May 2

SageM pointed to this ANN post announcing the return:
The wraparound jacket band on Sakurako Gokurakuin's 2nd Brave Star ☆ Romantics manga volume announced on Saturday that Gokurakuin's earlier manga Sekirei is returning as a regular series. Sekirei will resume in this year's 10th issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine on May 2. The advertisement for the manga has the subtitle "Kanojo no Inai 365-Hi no Koto" (About 365 Days Without a Girlfriend). It further teases, "One year with his girlfriend gone. One year until she returns."
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• 3/12/2017

Yen Press announces dead-tree versions beginning Summer 2017

Yen Press announced that they will begin releasing hardcopy versions of several previously digital-only titles, including our beloved Sekirei.  Sekirei releases in this form will begin this July.  No firmer dates were announced yet.
Edit:  Vol. 1 release date is 7/18.
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• 12/18/2016

Yen Press Sekirei English translation release schedule

Vol. 8: Jan 31, 2017
Vol. 9: Mar 21, 2017
Vol. 10: May 23, 2017
Vol. 11: July 18, 2017
Vol. 12:  Sept 26, 2017
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• 11/18/2016

When the 3rd season comes for Sekirei or not ?

Please someone say it, 3rd season comes or not ? Please it is very important issue for me ?? :/
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• 10/8/2016

Can a Sekirei wing another Sekirei, or is that limited to only Ashikabi?

It seems strange that what should have possibly saved their species was instead made to rely on any sapient native species on another planet. Or was that artificially engineered by the genetic tampering MBI did?
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• 9/16/2016

If a Ashikabi forces a Sekirei to become winged.

If a Ashikabi forces a Sekirei to become winged ( to be their Sekirei) what happens to the Sekirei's real Ashikabi if they meet? Can the Sekirei still react to their true Ashikabi?
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• 8/10/2016

Wing A Sekirei

Can an Ashikabi make a winged Sekerei his?
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• 7/26/2016

Musubi at Kouten

How is it that Musubi now has an Ashikabi core  also?
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• 6/29/2016

How did the series end by the way?

I want to know since someone told me that it ended up in a happy manner in Uzume and Chiho reuniting together can you tell me more about this.
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• 6/28/2016

Are all the Sekireis that Minato have are dead except Mutsubi?

I want to know since I see only Mutsubi are all the other Sekirei that Minato have are dead.
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• 5/28/2016


I've been looking for information forever in regards to what happens when, how long it takes to do phase 1, 2, etc. I think I caught my first glimpse of it today in the Anime during a re-watch.
At the begining of the series, both Anime and Manga, Minato is looking at the results of the entrance examination posted at Tokyo University.
This tells us two things. He's already attempted, and its already posted. If we check the Tokyo Universities website, we find out quickly that one round of entrance exams happen Jan-March of the year, with the results being announced between February and April of the same year. We also know "The blooming of the cherry blossoms varies each year but it usually starts in late March and lasts for about one month." from So this would confirm late march, early april where Minato discovered he didnt get in, and informs his mother. Its this same day he meets Musubi, and has her winged 'within the week' if not the next day.

Now, at the end of the first season, Tsukuimi and others are seeing Minato off. "I don't know why you insist on..." being stated by the erstwhile water sekirei while their Ashikabi departs to "WRITE THE ENTRANCE EXAM". We already know Minato's shown no interest in OTHER schools since he'd failed at least twice to get in. This is his third try.
We also know that its not nescessarily been two years, just 1 year as Tokyo U allows it to be written twice a year. At least according to their website.
So from all this, I suppose we can presume that the first season (and the similar chapters in the books) takes place from mid-late march, until the 2nd entrance exams. A quick look at Todai's website... give the impression at least that written and ORAL exams for entrance, take place last week or two of August. Assuming its not Medicine (which is later, May/june/july & Sept/Oct/Nov vs other tracts)
So either (and this is believable) Minato is trying for medicine (I recall somewhere it saying 'the second blossoming' which would be later in the period, like the autumn summer), meaning summer is nearly coming to an end by the time the first season is done. 1-4 months max. It takes about 2 months to write the exams and get the results (again I'm guessing).
If anyone here knows my assumptions above to be wrongly presumed, let me know. I love to pick apart timelines like this to get a better gauge on how long Minato has to REALLY change and man up to help his sekirei survive.
We also know Miya Asama, leaves to visit Takehito's grave site at least twice if not three times that is MENTIONED over the course of the manga where Season 2 would have hypothetically ended (Before the boat SS Minaka). In fact, even before the Jinki's are being given as prizes.
Point - Karasuba visits Musubi and scares the crap out of Matsu in the first season. Where is Miya? Visiting her deceased husband's grave.
Point - Higa's sekirei attack Maison Izumo in the second season when Matsu, Ku and the others are trying to rescue Uzume's Ashikabi from Higa's control. Where is Miya? Visiting her deceased husband's grave.
We know at last TWO months have passed by the time season 2 ends. The first Jinki hasn't even been awarded yet. Hell its just after Kagari gets winged when the 'award' for the first jinki is hinted at for stopping Minato's group from entering MBI Tower.
So, 3-4 months isn't really that long to try to wrap your head around this small group being suddenly 'yours', while trying to understand an insane game.
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• 5/26/2016

What if the landlord has learned about the Sekirei?

I am having dark thoughts about that man, and I think he is an insanly angry man. I'm also thinking that he was antagonizing Minato Sahashi possibly for being a ronin. Later one night he discovred that Minato had Musubi with him and he evicted him almost without reason.
And if he learned about the Sekirei and finds out that his ex cilent Minato is a Ashikabi, he would ether halved Minato locked up in prisson, forced in a work camp, chased out of the country for good, or worse put to death in the electric chair, and become president of Japan and turn it into a communist country.
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• 5/4/2016


she is still virgin??????
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• 4/5/2016

Yen Press Sekirei Volume 4

Yen Press haven't fixed their website yet, but we can deduce that Volume 4 will (hopefully) be released along towards the end of May.
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• 2/16/2016

Yen Press Sekirei Volume 3

Release date is 3/29/16:
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• 1/31/2016

Yen Press manga chapter titles

Should we use the "official" manga translation's chapter titles or stick with the ones already there?  Here's a list of the "official" titles, with the current ones in parens if different:
Vol. 1
Chapter I: Sekirei
Chapter II: Wings of Light (Feathers of Light)
Chapter III: Blooming Town (Burning City)
Chapter 1: Maiden of the Moonlit Sky (Girl Under the Moonlight)
Chapter 2: Gate of a New Home (The Door to the New House)
Chapter 3: Musubi
Chapter 4: Girl of Green (The Green Girl)
Chapter 5: Inside of the Dream (Inside the Dream)
Vol. 2
Chapter 6: The Second Man (A Charming Man)
Chapter 7: A Calling Voice (A Calling Sound)
Chapter 8: A Chance Meeting (Unforeseen Encounter)
Chapter 9: Conclusion
Chapter 10: Winging (Getting Wings)
Chapter 11: Sekirei Talks (Sekirei Chat)
Chapter 12: By My Side (Next to Me)
Chapter 13: Yukari Invades (Yukari Attacks)
Chapter 14: All Sorts of Situations (Everybody's Situation)
Chapter 15: The Colorful Tale of Izumo Inn (Story of Izumo House)
Chapter 16: Angel in a White Coat (Angel in White)
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